Modular light inspired by Japanese shoji is the prettiest lighting fixture I’ve seen

I love a beautifully-designed lighting fixture because I truly believe a really great one has the ability to illuminate a space – both literally, and metaphorically. Besides the physical light that it quite obviously emits, a well-designed lighting fixture can add manifolds of personality and charisma to a room. They can function as sculptural pieces, that are an extension of your personal taste and preference, truly exhibiting the richness and niche-ness of your curation capabilities. And a stunning lighting fixture that I believe would do exactly that is the Tri Light by Tokio.

Designer: Tokio

Designed by the design brand Tokio, the Tri Light is a modular sculptural light that is inspired by the Japanese shoji. The Japanese shoji is a door, window, or room divider in the form of a paper screen, that is quite popularly used in traditional Japanese architecture. The Tri light features an interesting honeycomb-like structure that directly drew inspiration from a shoji. “Inspired by the Japanese shoji concept, Tri Light is the combination of old traditions and modern technology – we set out to design something that would be modern, classical, and timeless at the same time,” said Tokio.

The light is built using milled and anodized aluminum triangles that were designed to be expanded and configured in different configurations and customizations.  “An infinitely expandable design system, the Tri Light illuminates the timeless geometry of nature within the areas we inhabit. It is luminous and ethereal, yet as timeless as the laws of physics themselves. The Tri Light is an expression of fundamental forces that are universal yet infinitely diverse,” said Tokio. The light has a curving design, and it can be added, played around with, and configured infinitely.

The Tri Light has a dimmable light that can be tuned and modified from 2700K to 4000K lighting. The innovative design can be divided into multiple zones, so that each area can be configured to feature and emit different light strengths and temperatures, making it a pretty versatile and modular lighting fixture. The Tri Light was designed to “illuminate the timeless geometry of nature within the areas we inhabit”.