Senior Phones

With a name like “No hint will be lost on a kindred spirit”, you’d expect me to write a poem or an essay, but I’m actually going to write about an easy-to-use phone and communication system that is designed for the older generation. Besides being this really cool bracelet, the device monitors the health and mood of the wearer. It can be used as an effective communication tool that helps people stay in touch, and keep an eye on their health at one go.

Designers: Prof. Wang Yan, Prof. Zhang Yan, Fan Jiayu, Li Yajun, Liu Jianjun, Wang Shenyuan & Xue Lijuan


  • Mario says:

    For a product intended to seniors i find the display read outs very small and hard to rear, on the other hand seniors skin is more delicate and prone to rashes, the nice grooves in the texture of the wristband does not seem to be intended for its target consumer.

  • stephen russell says:

    Link to those Life alert style companies alone & test on active seniors for issues with device
    Mass produce alone
    Sell at nursing homes, senior fairs, Health fairs alone
    More can be done

  • Jahnvee says:

    Maybe too futuristic for a “senior phone”

  • Tashi says:

    uhhhh why would a senior be given a touchscreen device??? most of them dont have steady hands!!!!!

  • Great design but it will be problem with heat because cooling are covered by blanket case.

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