The Unbelievable Moveable Lamp

Hey where’d that lamp go? Oh there it is, too high for me to reach! Lurch! Will you come over here and pull the lamp down a bit so I can push it over to the other side of the room here? Thank you. Yes, it’s the “Bewegeleuchte,” aka the Moveable Lamp. Brought to you by the fabulously intelligent designers over at Dua. This is the lamp you want when you live in one gigantic studio apartment where you also do works of art.

This lamp is attached to four cords, each of these cords attached to a pulley and a counterweight. When you want to move the lamp, you move it with a bit of pressure, up, down, left, right, diagonal, backward, forward, anywhere you want. And there it will stay. Any place at all.

I remember seeing a lamp similar to this once, one that only went up and down and stopped. I thought it was undeniable genius. I think that now again here too!

BONUS: Actually, not bonus, just part of the excellence of the design: the lampshade containing the light contains also wood shavings that create a “pleasant and natural ambience.” Because this sort of thing is by its nature arbitrary, each lamp shade is unique. Neat!

Designer: Sebastian Däschle for Dua

Bewegeleuchte aka Moveable Lamp by Sebastian Däschle for Dua