This chic Origami-inspired flower vase also doubles up as a warm ambient light

There’s a certain beauty in the Gingko Smart Vase Light’s simplicity. Made from a folded piece of paper with two wooden pieces at either side, the Smart Vase Light has an accordion-ish design that opens up from a flat shape to a wonderful vase. Built with an LED light on the inside, the vase is more than just a vessel for your flowers, it doubles up as an ambient lamp that casts a wash of warm light on your table as well as your walls. A heat-safe and waterproof glass tube sits right in the middle of the vase, holding a flower along with some water to keep your floral decor alive for a few days…

Designer: Gingko

This accordion-inspired light isn’t Gingko’s first. The company’s made quite a few inventive, fidget-worthy Origami-inspired lamps in the past. This is, however, the first time Gingko’s integrated lighting and vases into the same product. The result is decidedly lively. The flower within the lamp adds a touch of natural beauty during the day, and at night, the lamp’s inner ‘aura’ quite literally lights up your space.

The vase is made to be durable and waterproof, with a pleated Tyvek-paper outer that’s heat-proof and also does a wonderful job of diffusing the inner light evenly. The wooden plates on either side are available in Japanese Bamboo or American Walnut finishes, with magnets on the inside that allow them to snap together when the vase is opened up, helping it keep its shape. Inside the Smart Vase Light is a 3W LED powered by a 2000mAh Li-on chargeable battery that gives it 6-10 hours of use on a full charge.