Top 10 Smart Lights That Become The Center of Attention and Brighten Up Your Everyday Life

Although they were still novelties a few years back, smart homes have started to become more common these days. It’s not a complete makeover, though; just a few embracing connected appliances and devices to automate the boring rote things in their lives. Some people are afraid to take the plunge because of misconceptions about the complexity and cost of upgrading to a smart house, but there’s really no need to go all out all at once. You can always start simple and work up to a more sophisticated setup, and nothing gets simpler than lights that can automatically turn on or off without you pushing a single switch or button. To help get you started, here are ten of the best smart lighting options in the market, whether you need an artistic indoor lamp to set the right mood or a bright outdoor light to protect you and your loved ones.

1. Gingko Moon Lamp

We all love a little magic in our lives, even if it’s just something that to look at for a short period of time. The right lights can do that with a mesmerizing light show, but what if you could take the magical feeling a step further? What if you could almost literally shrink down the moon and put it on your desk, always available for you to behold in awe whenever you feel like it?

The Gingko Moon Lamp is more than a moon-shaped light source, though it does that splendidly with a texture that closely mimics the surface of the moon. It floats on top of its wooden pedestal like magic and rotates slowly to enchant you with its mystical charm. It’s also eco-friendly, made from biodegradable PLA and reclaimed wood, giving it an internal and unseen beauty that is reflected in its otherworldly visage.

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2. Halo Rise

Most lights are naturally designed to provide illumination in the dark, so they don’t have much use when you actually need the room to be dark, like at night. Not everyone wants to have a bedside lamp turned on all night, but almost everyone wants to wake up to a gentle light, almost like the sunrise. The latter has become especially important after studies show how beneficial such a kind of light is to the body and mind when waking up.

Halo Rise is a bedside lamp that provides such a feature and then some. When you’re asleep, it acts as a sleep tracker you don’t have to wear that lets you keep tabs on the quality of your sleep to improve it. And when it’s time to wake up, it simulates the sunrise to wake up in the most natural way. While most lights just work to let you see in the dark, Halo Rise works even at night to ensure you’ll get the best and most restful sleep you deserve.

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3. Moonside Neon Crystal Cube

Sometimes, lighting is meant less to provide illumination and more to add accents to a space. This is often the case for lamps with peculiar patterns or softer lights that can evoke certain moods, depending on what they’re showing. Their functionality might not be as critical as, say, ceiling lights or reading lamps, but they’re still important in setting up a more comfortable atmosphere, depending on your preferences.

The Moonside Neon Crystal Cube is an intriguing product that practically puts a lighting art piece on your desk or shelf. Bright LEDs can be controlled independently to produce single swathes of soothing colors or a kaleidoscopic light show bursting with life, setting the correct mood that you need at any given time.

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4. IKEA Symfonisk

By definition, lamps are visual products, and depending on their location, they’re designed to be either eye-catching or invisible. In reality, there are really not that many limitations to what a lamp can do as long as they are able to provide the most basic function of illumination. That means that they can not only be works of art but also function as other devices as well.

The IKEA Symfonisk is one such example of a multi-functional lamp that looks exquisitely elegant. It comes as a cylindrical table lamp with a rather unique circular lampshade, but its secret power is that it’s also a 360-degree Wi-Fi speaker as well. It’s a product that looks good and sounds good, even when the light is turned off.

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5. Ring Solar Floodlight

The majority of smart lights you’ll see in the market are all meant for indoor use. After all, those are the easiest to replace in your life and also the most dynamic. Depending on how often you move around, these lights might be turned on and off multiple times a day, so automating their switches has the most return on investment for not so much effort.

The Ring Solar Floodlight brings that same convenience to an area that’s often taken for granted in homes or rather outside of homes. It provides bright light that can be controlled automatically or through a variety of apps and services, and it can even be connected to other Ring devices like the Ring doorbell for improved home security. Best of all, it’s solar powered, so you don’t have to worry about the added burden on the environment and your electricity bill.

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6. Nanoleaf Elements

While picking smart lighting is serious business, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun as well. Selecting the right pieces and combining them in a pleasing way can feel almost like a puzzle game. Most lights, however, limit you to a specific arrangement, but there are some that provide a bit more flexibility, allowing you to design the final appearance of the puzzle.

With its hexagonal panels, the Nanoleaf Elements leaves you free to mix and match pieces as you wish. They may look like wooden pieces when turned off, but these lighting panels come to life in both static and dynamic ways, depending on your whim at the moment. They also make for interesting wall decor, even when they’re not providing mood lighting to your living area or room.

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7. Teno

Most of the eye-catching smart lamps tend to attract attention with their dazzling colors and psychedelic light shows, but that can sometimes turn out to be a bit overwhelming for some tastes. Other people prefer to spark interest with subtler yet more manageable designs, particularly ones that are minimalist yet intriguing. A form-changing lamp would definitely fall under that category, especially one that doesn’t look anything like a lamp at all.

At first glance, Teno looks like a bowl-shaped stone with a large crack in the middle. Pull it open sideways, however, and you will be greeted by an almost otherworldly glow. What’s even more unexpected is that the product is also a smart speaker in disguise. Minimalist, aesthetic, tactile, and functional, it’s a one-of-a-kind lamp that can do many things without looking pretentious.

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8. Twinkly Squares

Who says that lamps should only emit a single hue or an amorphous combination of colors? While that’s definitely the most efficient type of lighting for practical purposes, you don’t need to be limited by such considerations in this smart age. Going beyond just dynamic lighting, you can even turn part of your wall into an almost literal work of art, and you don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet with a flat wall TV.

Twinkly Squares are smart LED wall panels that let you put pixel art images and designs on your wall, turning your living space into the next smart attraction. Whether you’re displaying a static picture or moving patterns of colors and lines, these squares give not only brighten up the area but make it pop to life with eye-catching visuals any time of the day. Of course, everything is controllable through apps, and it can even sync with the lights of your PC gaming rig.

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9. Govee Lyra Corner Floor Lamp

We sometimes have preconceived notions of what lamps should look like, but you’d be surprised at the variety of shapes and designs available out there. Not all lights need to be mounted on walls or ceilings, and neither do they need to be put on top of desks and surfaces. There are lamps that stand tall on floors, for example, and there are some that can even look like nondescript sticks you’d never expect to be a lamp at all.

The Govee Lyra almost disappears into the background when you place it in a corner of the room, but the moment you turn its RGB lights on, it becomes the life of the party. You can combine a variety of colors and effects to literally light up the space, or you can select a more solid but softer glow that won’t hurt your eyes when you read. Whether it’s actually on a corner or standing against a wall, this tall RGB glow stick is sure to catch anyone’s attention and make you the talk of the town.

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10. MOMAX QL1 Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger

Fancy lighting and mood-setting lamps might be great for creating a proper atmosphere, but when it comes to functional lighting for work or study, simpler is better. Simple doesn’t have to mean simplistic, though, and there is plenty of room for the venerable desk lamp to have a meaningful upgrade. From smooth moving parts to premium materials to extra features that don’t get in the way, all it takes is some creative thinking to pull it all together.

MOMAX did exactly that with its QL1 Desk Lamp, which at first glance, looks like a desk lamp like any other. The use of high-quality materials, however, sets it apart from the common lot, and its gentle LED makes sure your eyes don’t get too strained even after hours of working. Even better, its base reclaims desk space by functioning as a Qi-compatible wireless charger, providing you with a 2-in-1 smart product that doesn’t get in the way of your productivity.

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