Acer Swift X16 is a sleek and powerful laptop for designers and creators

There was a time when laptops had limited computing power because of their cramped spaces, but now we have notebooks strong enough to run games with decent quality. These more powerful laptops, however, are often bulky and too flashy with their RGB lights, making them less ideal for more formal work settings. It sometimes feels like buyers need to make a difficult choice between power and portability as if these two were mutually exclusive. That isn’t true, of course, and the new Acer Swift X16 is designed to go beyond expectations, providing a powerful laptop for creating all kinds of digital content while also looking stylish and elegant in a way that creators would be proud to flaunt.

Designer: Acer

While it’s true that you need plenty of space for powerful components inside a laptop, technology has reached a point where these parts have become significantly smaller and more efficient so that they can fit in slim and light bodies. The Acer Swift X16 SFX16-61G, for example, carries the latest-gen AMD Ryzen 9 7940H processor paired with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 GPU, delivering enough power not only for gaming but especially for graphics-heavy content creation tools like video rendering, 3D modeling, and the like.

The large 16-inch 3.2K panel makes enjoying and creating content even better with accurate colors, 500 nits of brightness, and a fast 120Hz refresh rate. Extra thin bezels help reduce the laptop’s overall size, leaving plenty of room for just the vibrant display. A 1080p camera also upgrades the video call experience, especially with Temporal Noise reduction and a suite of AI tools for making sure you have clear and crisp videos every time.

Even with all that power, the Acer Swift X16 maintains a slim 17.9mm profile and a portable 1.9kg weight that lets you easily take your work anywhere. An upgraded TwinAir cooling system makes sure that the laptop is running optimally even under heavy load, while discreet air vents hide under the laptop’s aluminum surface.

On the outside, the Acer Swift X16 SFX16-61G carries a character of elegance with its minimalist aesthetic that belies the true power it bears inside. It doesn’t scream “power” yet still commands a presence with its stylish appearance, whether in the office, at home, in a studio, or in a coffee shop. Acer’s newest laptop for digital creatives starts at $1,249.99 and will be available in North America in July.