Diagonal sleeper car design is an innovative solution to increase comfort and space on an overnight train

Traveling by train cross-country or long-distance is probably not the most comfortable way you can go. But there are times when this may be the cheapest or maybe even the only option. The sleeper cars that are currently available, at least for the budget-conscious, may give you cramps, claustrophobia, and even nightmares. There’s always room to improve these kinds of compartments without forcing people to upgrade to the more comfortable but more expensive kind of train accommodations.

Designer: 2050 Lab

This design for a sleeper car not only makes it a bit more comfortable for those who will be spending overnight in the space but it will also let the train itself increase the number of seats per car. What they did was to design coupe-capsules with two tiers that are angled diagonally to create a herringbone structure. Each car is separated by a wall and a curtain to give each occupant a sense of privacy.

Each capsule has a sleeping space but also an extended berth as well as a window. There’s also a table in case you need to work at any time during the night. There’s also a space to place your luggage since most likely you’re carrying a piece or more to wherever you’re traveling to. Since there’s also a limited space, some functionalities serve dual purposes. For example the ladder and ledges that have built-in cushions can also serve as a standing rest.

The product renders for this concept make it look like a space that you wouldn’t mind spending 12 hours, or at least part of that, in when you’re traveling. Being a bit claustrophobic, I still would prefer to travel like this but it’s still a better alternative to the budget sleeper cars I’ve seen (through pictures and videos). It would be interesting to if the train manufacturer would eventually adopt this to an actual train.