This may look like a car, but it’s actually a pedal-powered e-bike with an enclosed cockpit

The Canyon ‘Future Mobility Concept’ is the kind of vehicle you’d do a double-take with. It looks quite like a car from the side profile, and only when you walk around it do you realize something’s off. The vehicle is MUCH slimmer than most conventional cars… with enough space for just one rider.

It isn’t a factory-line goof-up though, the Future Mobility Concept is a hybrid e-bike with an enclosed cockpit… sort of like a car-meets-bicycle. The pedal-powered e-bike’s closed cockpit gives it the advantages of both modes of transport, with the sustainability and health benefits of a bicycle, and the storage space and protective enclosure of a car. The Future Mobility Concept comes with four wheels to help give it the stability it needs, with pedals that control the two wheels on the front. A 2000Wh battery pack gives you an added power boost, allowing the car-bike-hybrid to be more energy efficient – a much-needed feature because it’s bulkier and slightly heavier than most bicycles.

The unusual concept was designed to improve urban mobility. With air quality deteriorating, and traffic increasing, the Future Mobility Concept hopes to nudge doubtful bike-owners in the right direction. After all, it has most of the benefits a car does, with a neat enclosed design that works especially well in the rain, and storage space that’s great for when you’re carrying stuff to work and back. A sliding roof enables ingress and egress, while boosted speeds of 37mph and a range of 90 miles make it a great hybrid vehicle-of-choice, both for you as well as the environment… although no, I’m pretty sure you don’t get to drive this in the bike lane.

Designer: Canyon Bicycles