Porsche designed a $2,500 gaming chair for people who can’t afford the real deal

Designed for that broad category of folks who love Porsches but can’t afford to break their 401Ks, the company’s teamed up with Recaro to debut a limited-edition Porsche gaming chair with a color scheme especially curated by Studio F. A. Porsche (a subsidiary design unit of Porsche AG), and the automotive giant’s insignia embroidered right onto the headrest. Styled quite like the kind of seat you’d see in a racecar cockpit, the gaming chair has height, backrest, and armrest adjustability, and is limited to 911 units *wink wink*.

Designers: Recaro & Porsche

Built out by Recaro, the chair is a variant of the manufacturer’s high-end Recaro Exo Platinum series. The chair stands at a proud 5-feet tall, weighing 58.4 lbs, with a maximum capacity of  330 lbs (whether that’s a shot fired at the gamer physique, I’ll let you decide). The chair also features Recaro’s 5D armrests – a common feature in their top-tier models – which can rotate 360 degrees from the front pivot point. As far as actual comfort goes, the chair features an “ergonomically optimized seat shell made of high-quality upholstery foam and breathable fabrics” and an anti-submarining seat ramp.

As a limited-edition offering, the Porsche gaming chair is more than just a gaming accessory; it’s a collector’s item for the true Porsche aficionado. Each chair is manufactured in Germany, and the entire line is limited to just 911 units, as a hat-tip to Porsche’s most iconic and successful model series. If you’ve got 2 and a half Gs to spare, grab this one while it’s hot.