Task chair redefines work chairs by using 70% recycled materials and is comfortable to sit on for hours

When it comes to different kinds of chairs, we haven’t run out of options and choices as there are a lot of designers and manufacturers in the market. But if you’re looking for something that values both sustainability and comfort, then the choices become fewer. There are those that use recycled materials but actually sitting on them is not the most comfortable experience. So if you find something that can give you both, then that’s a catch, so to speak.

Designer: Boss Design

The Sia Task Chair aims to bring a product that is well-designed and can be comfortable to use. But it also boasts the fact that it uses 70.6% recycled materials and does not even use any adhesive in putting the chair together. The company says it is its most sustainable product to date.. There are also several different colors available and if you’re ordering in bulk, the colors can be customized as well. It looks to be just like any other task chair but it’s how it’s put together that makes it stand out.

The chair itself has a soft-lined frame and a mesh that makes it comfortable, especially if you’ll be sitting on it for long periods of time during the day. There are four main color pallets available: Copper Brown, Reed Green, Black, and Oyster White plus different mesh styles and textures available in 33 shades. But if you’re ordering more than 250 units, you will be able to choose any RAL color. The aesthetic is very corporate so you know that it’s especially created for offices.

The selling point of this chair will of course appeal to the eco-conscious. It uses 70.6% recycled content including 43.1% post-consumer recycled plastics. The parts are also easily separated in case it needs to be repaired or recycled. And when it reaches the end of life, 99.4% of the entire chair can be recycled. If this is something that you prioritize when choosing products, then the Sia Task Chair should be right up there.