Design London 2022: A Peek at the Future of Design Today

In-person events are back in full swing, and there’s no better time to generate collective energy and interest than today. After a highly successful inaugural showcase last year, Design London has returned during a very trending time for the global city. With double the floor space to welcome exhibitors and visitors alike, Design London is gathering not only the finest and widest selection of designs across multiple industries, from architecture to interiors to lighting, from across the world. It is also a venue where discussions between the brightest minds in design will be held, previewing and shaping the trends that will carry design into the future, including topics that will give it a more prominent role in saving our planet.

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Furniture, Lighting, and Interiors

Thanks to recent events, people have become more conscious of the role the furniture and lighting play in setting the correct atmosphere at home. Previously considered to be something that only connoisseurs would appreciate, designer products and bespoke designs have entered mainstream consumer consciousness. We’ve seen a rise in interest and sales of such products, and Design London is curating some of the biggest and rising names that are shaping that market.

Danish brand HAY joins Design London for the first time with Palisade, an intriguing metal bench that snakes across the ground to provide both seating capacity as well as visual interest to any outdoor space. Compatriot Thors Design, meanwhile, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with Gaia and Globe plank tables, the latest in the company’s line of bespoke furniture made from recycled wood.

Designer: Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec (HAY)

Designer: Thors Design

Lighting is just as important as furniture in setting the mood, both through their lights as well as their very design. The Akoya pendant lamp from Fabbian, hangs like a clam ready to drop its precious pearl, an imagery that makes it perfect for beach houses and similar architectures. In contrast, the industrial vibe that the pipes of Ago’s Cirkus pendant lamp give is a better fit for more enclosed and darker spaces.

Designer: Filippo Protasoni (Fabbian)

Designer: Ago

It’s easy enough to downplay the design of the floor we walk on or the walls that get covered up by shelves and decorations, but even these can make or break the ambiance that you’re aiming for. For example, handmade tiles from New Terracotta combine old ancient techniques with modern aesthetics, creating a truly unique appearance for any room. In a similar vein, Creadoor adds a pinch of 3D graphics to traditional woodworking techniques to create stunning bespoke doors and walls that give a room a unique personality of its own.

Designer: New Terracotta

Designer: Creadoor

Design Throughout the World

While it’s natural to presume that many of Design London’s participants will be coming from neighboring countries in the region, it is also an opportunity to showcase design hailing from all over the world, especially from Asia. The Korean Pavilion, for example, will house products from some of the country’s small- to medium-sized design companies. Be mesmerized by the reflective surfaces of iamHERE’s benches and stools, or take comfort in the embrace of Woorim Workshop’s curvaceous wooden lounge.

Designer: iamHERE

Designer: Woorim Workshop

The Thai Pavilion, on the other hand, will showcase a variety of furniture and decor sharing a common sustainability theme. The BiiN plant stand, for example, recycles waste material from the industrial sector to create a multi-functional piece of furniture that can act as a plant stand, storage container, or side table. Sarn lamps use traditional weaving patterns and materials to create unique lampshades for pendant lamps.

Designer: Eggwhite Design Studio

Designer: Thingg

Designing for the Future

More than just a showcase for contemporary product designs, Design London will also be a forum for the industry’s luminaries to share their creativity, passion, and vision for what the future holds. It is also an exhibit of a variety of designs that can help change the course of history in making sure that products of the future do right by the planet we live on.

Designer: Lee Broom

A headlining talk from award-winning British designer Lee Broom will go back in time to reveal the influences that gave birth to his many masterpieces that harmoniously blend classic and modern aesthetics. Sustainability advocate Jay Blades MBE will go over his unique approach to making things, as well as his crusade to create and sell furniture using recycled or reclaimed materials.

Designer: Jay Blades MBE

Sustainability has been a big topic in design in the past years, and, unsurprisingly, it has a huge presence this year in London. Net Positive tiles, for example, are made from recycled plastic fishing nets using a zero-waste manufacturing process. Something that can be immediately appreciated is the Island Steps, a 3D printed installation from 100% cement-free concrete that can be a place to sit back and rest while enjoying this guilt-free oasis, whether indoor or outdoor.

Designer: Coldharbour Tiles

Designer: Steuart Padwick (Versarien)

Whether it’s materials for sprucing up your room’s walls or furniture that will give meaning and life to your living space, Design London 2022 will offer eye-catching and mind-blowing designs that display the collective genius of the industry from different corners of the world. Not settling for the status quo, the destination will also provoke the industry’s best minds and talent with talks and discussions, pushing the boundaries of design toward a better future not just for humans but also for the planet.

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Design London 2021.
22/09/2021 – Photograph by Sam Frost ©2021.