Nitecore NTK10: The X-acto knife’s bad-boy cousin


Nitecore makes some stunning flashlights, but ever so often, it makes some mean EDC gear too. Take for instance the NTK10, quite literally a mean piece of EDC, with its anthropomorphized bottle-opener that looks like the jaws of a vicious predator.

Machined entirely from high-grade titanium, the NTK10 comes with an OLFA CKB-2 blade on the inside that makes for a perfect multi-purpose knife, with its long body and 30° slant, allowing you to use it for slicing, slashing, carving, piercing, and even precise X-acto style cutting. A precisely machined sliding mechanism on the handle allows you to deploy and retract the blade with incredible precision, thanks to the stunning 0.001mm machined tolerance. Aside from its blade and its bad-boy attitude, the NTK10 also comes with a bottle-opener and even a glass-shattering tip, making it a powerful, practically unbeatable piece of EDC.

Designer: Nitecore

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