A portable glass grill for a clean safe cooking experience!

Everyone loves pulling out their grills to cook up some delicious barbecue! However, traditional grills tend to be messy and cumbersome. They’re not the easiest to carry around, are also difficult to clean and dealing with the smoke and high temperatures can be harmful to our health. I mean nobody likes to burn themselves while grilling a hearty steak! Hence product designer Burak Keseci designed Magma Glass. As its name implies Magma Glass is a glass grill, a truly one-of-a-kind portable grill.

Designer: Burak Keseci

Featuring stainless steel and glass, the usual metallic grill plate or grid has been replaced with a glass surface. The unique transparent surface provides a very modern look to the product, something that could merge perfectly with your kitchen. The patented nano carbon-coated glass allows it to act as a homogenous heating source while consuming an impressively low amount of energy. Not to mention the grilling grid is thermochromic, so its color changes to red once it gets too hot! No more burning or stinging yourself due to high temperatures! A piezo-controlled touch interface on one side of the grill allows you to choose from four different grilling modes, enabling you to customize the temperature and cooking duration according to the food item you’re preparing.

Unlike the conventional grates on a grill, the glass surface prevents any food from sticking on to it, so cleaning and maintaining your barbecue grill has never been easier! You can easily detach the cooking surface, and clean it in your dishwasher. The excessive oil accumulated while cooking escapes through a drain, and is automatically stored in a container. So you can discard the oil with ease as well. While designing Magma Glass, Keseci took everything into consideration creating an easy to use, convenient and not to mention good looking grill! We cant wait to get our hands on this someday.