Cecilia Levy’s Paper Art and Sculptures take you back in nostalgia

Paper art is definitely becoming more appealing these days. In recent months, we showed you some of the most interesting paper creations shared by different artists. And no, we’re not stopping anytime soon.

Using paper as the primary medium proves the innate creativity of a person. One doesn’t have to be a professional artist as one only needs to be interested or follow instructions. If you’re not a natural-born artist, you can spend time learning and discovering what kind of art you can make. Origami is one easy suggestion, but you can try paper sculptures when you want more challenges.

Designer: Cecilia Levy

Cecilia Levy Paper Sculpture Medicinal Plants Collection

See Cecilia Levy’s paper art as she comes up with beautiful paper sculptures made from ordinary, everyday items such as old book pages. Levy uses papier maché techniques and wheat starch paste plus paper to turn old paper into anything.

Cecilia Levy has created sculptural objects in paper-like shoes, boots, teacups, and flowers. She believes in saving old books and preserving nature by art. This Swedish artist used to be a bookbinder and a graphic designer but she has since made a name for her paper creations. Her paper art has been displayed in distinguished exhibitions like the Swedish National Museum.

Cecilia Levy Paper Sculpture Insects

One notable installation by Levy was her In Fusion – Contemplation Pieces revealed in 2017 at the Stockholms New Karolinska University Hospital NKS. It was a public art commission that featured more than 25 unique paper sculptures on plinths. These days, her work is up for sale at the Konsthantverkarna Stockholm.

Cecilia Levy’s works present a nostalgic look, whether larger installations or smaller sculptures. You look at her creations, and you will be taken back in time. Levy loves vintage books and she likes to preserve the past in her designs. She applies different methods like tearing, cutting, and shredding. She then merges the paper using molds, paste, and papier maché.

Cecilia Levy Paper Sculpture Thistle Collection 2

Intricate patterns and blocks of texts characterize her sculptures. You may be interested in reading the words and phrases on every creation as Cecilia carefully chooses what to use. The artist is meticulous as she wants to preserve those visible traces from the passage of time.

Check out some of Cecilia Levy’s most influential paper sculptures included in the public art commission in Stockholm, Sweden. Her In Fusion – Contemplation pieces include Medicinal Plants, Tea Sets, and Insects.

Cecilia Levy Paper Sculpture Medicinal Plants

Cecilia Levy Paper Sculpture Insect Collection

See this pair of shoes that come with a scalloped design. The soles of the shoes feature readable words and paper shoelaces. She used wheat paste and book pages to complete the creation.

Cecilia Levy Paper Sculpture Shoes

Cecilia Levy Paper Sculpture Tea Sets

Levy’s selection of cups, bowls, and tea sets will make you wish they’re real ceramic sets you can use. Perhaps the artist can lend the designs to real plate manufacturers. They’re too pretty to remain as decorative pieces.

Cecilia Levy Paper Art Shoes

Cecilia Levy also has a collection of Mary Janes. The several pairs of doll shoes in different designs tell us about the artist’s passion for this style. Perhaps this is her favorite, but the shoes make for a lovely art collection even if it isn’t.

The artist also has a collection of paper thistles. We’re assuming she applied the same technique on the Hobo boots. Cecilia Levy has more paper sculptures we haven’t seen. We’ll watch out for her future releases, like her HOMO FABER exhibition next month in Italy.

Cecilia Levy Paper Sculpture Thistles

Cecilia Levy Paper Sculpture Thistle Collection

Cecilia Levy Paper Sculpture Hobo

Cecilia Levy Paper Sculpture Boots