Using Light to Elevate the Conversation Between Man and Machine


AI Speakers are the gateways that allow for human and machines to communicate, and with an ever-increasing volume of the products on the market, it’s now easier than ever for us to engage in a ‘conversation’ with one. The design team at Second White wanted to elevate the quality of communication, and they achieved this using a second medium. Light.

Humans are complex. We are fickle-minded and unpredictable, and we have a broad spectrum of emotions that can change dramatically at the flick of a switch, and rather beautifully the AI Lighting Speaker recognises these changes and beautifully adapts to them; a sharp strip of light is present on the face of the device, which leads down towards the softer, diffused light of the base. These subtly alter the surrounding atmosphere to a tone of light that compliments the user’s mood.

This wonderfully added layer of communication elevates the ‘conversation’ beautifully and creates a product that smoothly integrates into your within the home.

Designer: Second White