The Aftersocks are footwear that literally slip into your pocket

While the video itself only demonstrates one of the many uses of the Aftersocks, the potential for this footwear is quite limitless. Designed to be the footwear you wear when you’re tired of your current footwear (wrap your head around that sentence for a while), Aftersocks are socks with reinforced outsoles. They slip on your feet like socks do, but have a thick underlying base just like shoes. You can carry the Aftersocks around in a bag or in your pocket, slipping them on if your current footwear is bothering you, or if you don’t like the idea of being barefoot anywhere.

The Aftersocks were envisioned for perhaps the most common barefoot scenario… leaving a party and wanting to ditch your high-heels. Designed to be a go-to after a long night of clubbing in those really-pretty-but-painful-as-death heels, the Aftersocks are footwear you carry around in your bag, only to bust out after you’re done partying. Take the painful heels off and wear the Aftersocks and they’re the footwear equivalent of wearing a bathrobe after an entire day of roaming around in uncomfortable clothing. The socks hug your feet, caressing and comforting them to alleviate pain, while the reinforced soles of the Aftersocks work almost like sneakers or flip-flops. Designed to cushion the underside of your feet, the soles allow you to walk normally on roads, pavements, cobblestone, or even gravel just like you would with sneakers. Created from premium quality cotton, nylon, and elastic, with a long-lasting, anti-slip PVC sole, the Aftersocks are comfortable, durable, and hand-washable. Oh, and they come in colors too!

Designed for women, but extending their benefit to men too, the Aftersocks are a much better alternative to hobbling with your friend while she walks barefoot after a long night of dancing in heels! Besides, their cotton/elastic body means men can wear them too. The sock sizes go from a lithe Size 5 to a large Size 11, making them perfect for both men and women, and extending their use further beyond a long night of clubbing. You could wear the Aftersocks on your early morning run around the park, to the gym, at the beach, or as an alternative to those new shoes that keep giving you shoe-bites… and if your daily life involves walking around a house strewn with Lego pieces, the Aftersocks were built to handle that too!

Designer: Joel Bijlmer

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About Aftersocks

“Save your feet after a night out” Slip off your heels, slip on Aftersocks! Aftersocks is an elegant solution to a problem that most women face. Aftersocks that have been thoughtfully designed and crafted with an underside constructed from PVC and extra soft layers of cushioning that hug the contours of your feet.

Slip on Aftersocks, and they may not only cushion your feet and help to relieve the soreness, but they will also prevent your feet from getting dirty and further harmed by the elements on the dance floor, along the pavement, in the taxi… you name it.

Available in a range of colors, they have a style to match any dress, evening gown, or trouser suit. Choose from Smooth Black, Trendy Silver, and Pretty Gold designs to match any type of evening wear in your wardrobe.

Not only are they super versatile, but they are also super discreet. Pop them into your handbag, clutch, or even into your back pocket for complete peace of mind.

Aftersocks are created from premium quality cotton, nylon, elastic, and PVC. They’re hand washable, meaning that they are easy to care for and are sure to last and last. Great for the environment!

Color Choices

You probably wonder, is it really that small? Is it really that strong? Well, you decide!

Below: Aftersocks Product Specifications

Premium Fabrics

High quality Nylon and Cotton have been used to have the best durability and wear-ability. 75% Cotton | 20% Nylon | 5%. Elastic

Aftersole technology

Our special aftersole makes the bottom of the sock stronger and gives extra protection. Made of 100% PVC

Extra soft cushioning

Added on the inside of the sock for an extra soft experience

Stylish design

Three different designs available that can match any fashion outfit.

Aftersocks compared with other “solutions / fixes”

Aftersocks Size Guide

Three sizes for the Kickstarter Aftersocks. We know that most regular socks have one fit, but because our “aftersole” is not stretchable, make sure to pick the right size. If you are doubting between 38-39, go for the bigger one, size M. Same applies for the Large. Then you are sure that the aftersole will protect the bottom of your feet entirely.

About the Creators

Monika Trojanowska & Joel Bijlmer are the founders of Aftersocks™. “Like most good stories, ours started after a wild night out. After leaving the club Monika’s feet were hurting and she wanted to take off her high-heels.”

“Of course, this was not something new.. Unfortunately, this time Joel had just twisted his back in the gym and could not offer a back-ride to the taxi this time. On the streets of Miami you never know what’s on the ground, so Joel didn’t want Monika to take off her high-heels and walk bare-feet. Neither did she have any backup shoes, cause she only had a small purse with her.

How did we get home? Well.. painful.. so we needed a solution!”

“Guess what? The next day we started thinking of a product that we could develop to solve this well known problem. We figured out that it had to be Useful, Portable and Stylish at the same time. After 9 months of developing, going back and forth with different solutions and designs, we finally created Aftersocks.”

Click Here to Buy Now: $17 $67 (75% off). Hurry, Only 8/205 Left!