Everlasting all-metal pencil lets you write on and on without sharpening

Despite the variety of pens or the ubiquity of computers, the humble pencil has remained the tool of choice of writers, draftsmen, designers, and artists for centuries. Of course, there are different grades that determine the marks they leave behind, but nothing can be simpler than picking up even the most common Number 2 (2H) pencil and immediately putting your thoughts down to paper. That is, until your tip breaks or becomes too short, forcing you to break your train of thought to scramble for a sharpener. Wouldn’t it be grand if, like a Wacom stylus, you rarely have to replace a tip or barely sharpen it at all? That sounds almost like a pipe dream, but that dream has fortunately become real with this everlasting metal pencil that lets you worry less about lead and focus more on your creative process.

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At first glance, it looks like the all-metal cousin of the second-gen Apple Pencil, and that is almost an accurate assessment. The octagonal shaft is made of aluminum and houses a special alloy core. Knowing that, you might think that all it will do is leave heavy grooves on your paper, but your mind might be blown away when it draws like a real pencil without seeing the tip wear down even after dozens of marks.

It isn’t magic but science, at least a very creative application of science. That special alloy core contains graphite, the very same graphite used in all pencils, and the friction caused by writing or drawing leaves particles of this graphite and alloy behind. But because it uses metal for the core rather than the usual clay or charcoal, it wears down so slowly that you might think your all-metal pencil will actually outlive you. That means you can write on and on, for about 10 miles worth of scribbles, before you even have to worry about things getting a little too dull.

At the same time, however, this seemingly immortal pencil’s marks can be erased just like any regular pencil. Whether it’s gum, rubber, vinyl, or anything else, you don’t have to worry about immortalizing your mistakes, either. But because it uses friction to make the particles adhere to the material, it doesn’t smudge or smear the way normal graphite does. That might be a bummer for those who use smudging techniques, but it’s going to be a lifesaver for watercolor artists.

With a core that barely wears down over time, this might be the only pencil you’ll ever need. It’s a good thing, then, that it looks and feels great as well. The metal shaft gives the writing tool a well-balanced weight and a matte texture that makes it feel luxurious in your hand. Stop worrying about breaking your train of thought when you need to sharpen a pencil and start leaving your mark on the world with this handsome full-metal pencil that won’t fail you when you need it the most.

Click Here to Buy Now: 2 for $33 $39 (15% off). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!