YD x KeyShot Inspiration Hub Design of the Month #1 – Samsung Action Camera Concept

Bagging the first Design of the Month spot is the Samsung Action Camera concept from designer Isaac Lee. I can’t begin to describe the kind of love I have for transparent objects, not just for their design appeal, but for the kind of effort that goes into rendering them. Making a product transparent means needing to detail out interior components, and adding screws, supports, and parting lines to the insides of plastic or glass parts. It’s a lot of effort for a seemingly low pay-off, but it’s the kind of effort I absolutely don’t mind rewarding!

Designer: Isaac Lee

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The Samsung Action Camera, although it looks large, is quite a small contraption no larger than a GoPro or any other action camera. It comes with one wide-angle lens, along with a few other features like a record button, control knob, digital viewfinder, and an LCD screen on the top like the one seen on retro-style cameras. On the side, you’ve got two USB-C ports, and a 3.5mm aux in for an external microphone.

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Click Here to view all designs on the YD x Keyshot Inspiration Hub website!