These futuristic Iron Man sneakers concepts will make you feel like a superhero

Over the decades, certain fictional characters have become iconic brands themselves, spurring numerous themed products to tickle fans’ fancies. This is true for childhood friends like Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty, as well as for more mature characters like superheroes such as Superman, Batman, and Iron Man. Branded apparel often simply use color schemes or character art, but few actually make you feel like the character unless you start getting into the realm of cosplay. These sneakers concept, however, throws all those conventions out the window to present designs that straddle the line between fantasy and reality, making you wish that this footwear did exist just so that you can literally step into the shoes of an iconic superhero.

Designer: Khalil Zahirian

Some superheroes, especially the most popular ones, are designed to be controversial, often to prove that even those who wear tights and capes can be flawed. One shining example is Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, whose escapades as a playboy and an alcoholic may make some question where his moral compass really points to. Few, however, will ever doubt the genius inside the armor, and this collection of sneaker design concepts tries to showcase that creativity in a form that you could wear without looking too overbearing.

There are a few design elements of the Iron Man costume that have become iconic throughout different versions. There are the predominant red and gold colors, of course, but there are also the “Repulsor” lasers that shoot out of the supes’ hands. The movies have also put the spotlight on the glowing blue Arc Reactor chest piece. One important element of the armor that is often overlooked is the boots that make it fly.

All these elements are smashed together in a single piece of footwear that leaves no room for doubt that these are Iron Man sneakers. Not only does the color scheme match expectations, but there are also plenty of embellishments that take the design a few levels higher than simple branded footwear. The cutouts on the top, for example, are clear nods to the aforementioned Arc Reactor, while the blue lights around the soles and even on the outsoles give the image of shoes that are ready to blast off at any moment. The faceted surfaces, atypical of most sneakers, give it an armor vibe, even without the brushed metal finish.

Some elements of these concepts seem to be feasible today since we already have sneakers that light up at every step. Others, like that metallic sheen, might be a little harder to pull off. The shoes are definitely not designed for practical use or even comfort, as there are no clear mechanisms for loosening or tightening them. It definitely comes close to being the ultimate Iron Man sneakers that fans would definitely wear proudly when they finally become reality.