Floss like a boss!

Ever been to a job interview only to realize later that you had some rye or a spinach leaf, or something unsightly from your lunch stuck to your teeth? Or imagine going on a date and leaving the restaurant with food trapped between your teeth. No way any of those scenarios are going to end in a good way, right?

Cross-Floss wants to make periodic, on-the-spot flossing easier. Rather than carrying random strings of floss around with you and heading to the bathroom every time you want to clean your mouth, the Cross Floss comes with flossing string wrapped around it, then all you do is place the device in your mouth and begin chewing on it and the floss works its way into the gaps between your teeth. No weird faces, no pulling on disgusting pieces of rope. Just pretend you’re chewing gum (because that’s what it feels like) while your pearly whites stay white!

Designer: Star Floss AS