The Ultimate Space-Saver: Table Expands 7X from 2 to 12 Seater in Seconds

We live in a time of small apartments and large social circles. Although it isn’t possible to have furniture to entertain a group of 10, the folks at Transforming Table are using clever design tricks and engineering to build the most clever table of all time. Now in its fourth design iteration, the Transformer Table makes a pretty bold claim – it can go from an 18-inch console table to a 10-foot table long enough to feed a party of twelve people. The table’s unique expanding design is so mesmerizing to look at, it still holds the title of the most-viewed product video on Instagram with 131 million views and counting. The fourth iteration now comes with 6 new solid wood finishes to choose from, and with the same expanding framework underneath.

Designer: Transformer Table

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It takes a lot to be able to claim you’ve made the ‘best table in the world’, but with design awards, the highest view-count on Instagram, and the reigning title of being the highest-funded furniture campaign on Kickstarter, the Transformer Table certainly has receipts! Designed for small apartments, the table uses a telescopic sliding mechanism to expand nearly 7x in size, going from an 18-inch console table to a banquet table for up to 12 guests. The table is also accompanied by a self-storing bench that expands in size too, fitting an entire group of people without you needing to buy and stash folding chairs all over your apartment. The table can also support up to 750 pounds, allowing you to lay out an entire Thanksgiving feast on it for friends and family.

With One Panel in Scandinavian Oak

With Two Panels in American Walnut

With 3 Panels in Smoked Hickory

With 4 Panels in Canadian Birch

With 5 Panels in Brazilian Sequoia

Now in its version 4.0, the Transformer Table boasts of 6 new wood finishes inspired by the colors and textures of nature: Scandinavian Oak, American Walnut, Brazilian Sequoia, Canadian Birch, Smoked Hickory, and Aged Elm. The wood is designed to be liquid, heat, and scratch-resistant, and is reinforced by the table’s steel telescopic mechanism which comes with its own lifetime warranty. To expand the table, simply pull its two halves apart and the table expands, revealing the telescopic rails underneath. The table legs on the left and the right are further aided by a set of middle legs that help support the weight of the items kept on the table. After the table is extended by pulling its sides apart, wooden planks are added on top to create a long surface. When the table’s closed, however, the wooden planks can be stacked on top of each other into a separate coffee table, giving you an extra piece of furniture.

Transformer Bench When Closed

Transformer Bench with 5 Panels

The Transformer Table is also accompanied by an expanding Transformer Bench that has its wooden panels stored inside its hollow center. The bench’s height allows it to fit under the table too, making the arrangement utilitarian yet incredibly compact.

The Transformer Table made its debut in 2016, taking the world by storm with its clever expanding design. Seven years and more than 70,000 sold units later, the folks behind the transforming furniture are just getting started. The tables are perfect for people in large cities and small apartments, giving you the option of expanding and accommodating for the occasional set of guests, while still maintaining a compact framework. The new wood finishes are gorgeous, and are designed to last for years, making the table perfect for your first matchbox apartment as well as the 3BHK home you end up buying after a couple of years. The Transformer Table 4.0 ships for free to 35+ countries, and you can grab yours now (along with the Transformer Bench) right before the holiday season.

Click Here to Buy Now: Dining Set for $2,999 $3,738 ($739 off). Use coupon code “YANKO100” to get an additional $100 off. Valid on orders above $999. Hurry, offer ends in 48 hours!