Fully-electric M One electric moped folds into its frame, easily fits in the boot of your car

The pint-sized Honda Motocompo scooter manufactured in 1981 could easily fit inside the boot of a car, and understandably over the years, there’ve been many iterations inspired by this design. Another resounding nod to the 49cc folding two-wheeler in the electrified era is the M One e-scooter.

Designed by Shanghai-based startup, FELO, the electric scooter is an electric Motocompo that urban riders have been longing for so long, and finally bestowed with one. The two-wheeler made its first appearance at the ongoing 2023 Tokyo Motorcycle Show which apparently is also the 50th anniversary of the mega event.

Designer: FELO

The compact moped is a tad lighter than the Motocompo weighing just 82 pounds and similar in dimensions measuring 45.6 inches x 22 inches x 33.8 inches. Of course, it gets a major overhaul (for comparison’s sake) in the form of a 400-watt 1.34-hp hub motor powered by the 48V, 20-Ah Lithium-ion battery pack. Just so that you know, the battery pack has a 220VAC 50Hz outlet that can power up your gadgets or household appliances courtesy of the V2L (vehicle to load) capability.

According to FELO, the M One will be able to churn out a range of 62 miles on one full charge if the rider maintains an average speed of 15 mph. Although there is no mention of the top speed yet, the e-bike could max out at around 20-30 mph on the speedometer. That’s very similar to what Motocompo could eke out, and no one’s complaining since top speeds aren’t a major talking point with such a compact set of wheels by any stretch of the imagination.

The whole point of a small folding moped is to have a commuter that can make the quick trip to the local market without getting stuck in traffic or maybe driving on congested roads that aren’t big enough for a four-wheeler or even a standard bike. That novelty of folding down the handlebars, footpegs, collapsible fork and seat into the robust magnesium-aluminum body frame, allows the M One to easily be hauled in a family car or the bed of a MUV.

M One’s compact form factor gives it a huge advantage in urban setups and the fact that it will hit the roads in Q4 2023 – initially in China and maybe Japan as well – makes it an even more exciting prospect. The fully electric two-wheeler will be priced at around $2,900 which is not a bad deal for times when city commuting demands compact vehicles like this one.