IKEA’s versatile solar-powered lamp lets you switch on virtual sun in planetary magnificence

It’s high time we adopt alternative energy solutions like solar power for lighting up our homes. IKEA is heedful of this need, and so is Little Sun, founded way back in 2012 by engineer Frederik Ottesen and Olafur Eliasson artist.

The unison between the world’s most recognized home furnishing retailers and the determined creative duo goes back to 2019 when they released a prototype of a solar-powered lighting collection dubbed SAMMANLÄNKAD.

Designer: IKEA and Little Sun

After delays in the launch of these solar-powered lighting accessories for the masses, four years henceforth, the collection is finally ready to hit select IKEA stores from April 2023. There’s an aesthetically designed table lamp and a cute portable light bringing the spotlight to an “alternative source of energy to power everyday objects,” according to IKEA. The essence here is, to make the resounding aura of the sun “tangible in beautiful and purposeful design objects.”

According to Olafur Eliasson, the complete transition to renewable energy in the next ten years demands each one of us “recognize the opportunity of solar energy.” For this vision, Little Sun and IKEA want to raise awareness for smooth energy access and reiterate in our subconscious the “potential to co-shape our world” with SAMMANLÄNKAD (meaning “connected” in English).

The solar-powered table lamp piqued our interest due to its cohesion with the movement of planet earth at an angle and path around the sun. Thus, the half-sphere-shaped light is encapsulated by a reflective metal plate and the Earth’s planetary motion is closely mimicked by the two metallic rings. Ultimately it’s an enactment of a planetary symphony that any astronomy enthusiast would deeply appreciate, without ever getting bored.

The icing on the cake, well, the $98 lighting accessory doubles as a pendant lamp thanks to the adjustable metal frame. The light source can be removed from the housing for use as a torch if need be.

The portable lamp with a yellow strap, on the other hand, is tailored for outdoor use and comes with a price tag of $11. Both the lighting accessories can be charged via USB-A or USB-C ports if you hit a patch of cloudy days.