ASUS debuts the ProArt Mouse, a creator-focused mouse with a StudioBook-style dedicated Dial

With six buttons and three scroll-based inputs, the ASUS ProArt MD300 mouse is a nifty wireless gadget designed for digital creators, giving them control over their software. The mouse builds on the success of ASUS’ ProArt series of creator-focused machines spanning laptops, desktops, and displays. The mouse is a relatively new addition, along with other ProArt-branded accessories like a mousepad and even a backpack.

A key highlight of the mouse’s design is that ASUS Dial, located right underneath where you’d normally rest your thumb. Borrowing from the ASUS Dial seen on the ASUS ProArt StudioBook, the ProArt Mouse comes with a similar input that’s customizable through the Armoury Crate software that lets you program the Dial’s controls based on the application it’s running. Alongside the ASUS Dial, you’ve got two scroll wheels and three buttons with professional-grade Omron switches that provide tactile mouse clicks.

Designer: ASUS

The ProArt Mouse sports an ergonomic design that’s made for comfortable use over long periods of time. An elevated thumb rest gives users a relaxed mouse usage experience, while the ProArt’s abundance of inputs makes it a versatile little peripheral to your workstation. The dedicated Dial button pairs with a variety of creativity apps like Adobe’s visual suite as well as your browser, while also providing a tap input alongside the rotary input. The two other scrollers come with scrolling and tapping inputs too, allowing you to preview elements/links or switch between apps. The mouse also has a dedicated middle button located between the left and right clickers (and behind the main scroll wheel) for CAD applications that require a middle button input. You can additionally control the ProArt Mouse’s inputs and settings via ASUS’ Armoury Crate software.

A winner of the Red Dot Product Design Award, the ProArt Mouse MD300 is powered by a high-performance sensor that tracks at up to 4200 dpi with a polling rate of 1000Hz, working efficiently even on glass surfaces. It supports both Bluetooth as well as RF 2.4GHz connectivity, with the latter offering a more seamless, lag-free experience. The mouse can even work with up to 3 devices collectively via Bluetooth fast pairing technology and switch between them by pressing the pair button. A built-in battery gives the ProArt Mouse up to 150 days of use on a full charge, and a USB-C port on the front lets you fast-charge your mouse, giving you 8 hours of use on just a single minute of charge. The Asus ProArt Mouse MD300 comes in ‘Storm Black’, and is available in just India for a price of Rs. 8,499 or $103.3 USD.