Meet the world’s first Bluetooth speaker shaped like a wine bottle, for the whimsical audiophile

What do speakers and wine have in common? Not much, but they definitely have their own groups of snobbish enthusiasts! Say hello to Dream Echo a rather eclectic-looking Bluetooth speaker beautiful enough to keep on that decorative minibar or wine rack at home. Made from oak wood and styled like a wine bottle, the Dream Echo isn’t your average wireless speaker. It definitely has a niche audience and is meant for people who obsess over their music the way people obsess over their wine. Just like a well-aged fine wine has just the right notes and flavors, the Dream Echo creates the perfect balance between lows, mids, and highs, and that wooden enclosure helps give the speaker an earthy, natural sound that just pairs incredibly well with a glass of your favorite red, white, or rosé!

Designer: Vincent Chan

Click Here to Buy Now: $92. Hurry, only 41/50 left!

A refreshing take on an already saturated category, the Dream Echo has an incredibly retro-inspired look when placed vertically. Tilt it over and pop its kickstand out, and you instantly go from retro to retro-punk, with a 15W front-firing speaker that fills your room with rich, balanced audio. The speaker comes with Bluetooth 5.0 (and support for 5.1), connecting to your phone or any other wireless device to play tunes from your favorite streaming service, or your laptop to watch movies with a cinematic twist, and Dream Echo even has its own built-in 8GB storage for locally storing and playing files.

The beauty of the Dream Echo is truly its eclectic design. You don’t really see Bluetooth speakers looking too different from the standard template, barring the high-end expensive ones from companies like Bang & Olufsen. The Dream Echo does something unabashedly different, and the fun part is that it actually works. The speaker simultaneously looks vintage but sounds very contemporary and cutting-edge. The oak wood construction is complemented with brass detailing, including a brass label, cap, and even buttons on the side for power and volume control. A USB-C port on the bottom charges the Dream Echo’s 8000mAh battery, which gives the speaker 3 hours of usage.

Moreover, you can even pair two Dream Echo speakers together to create a stereo setup. The speaker comes in regular and pro versions, with the only difference being audio output (the pro has an upgraded driver for louder, clearer sound), and starts at $92 and $126 respectively. Each speaker also ships with a 12-track audio collection from the Dream Winery Music Album tuned to give you the full Dream Echo experience!

Click Here to Buy Now: $92. Hurry, only 41/50 left!