A Sleek and Modular Wireless Charger


Wireless charging units come in a variety of forms aimed at a range of different demographics, and now there is a newcomer to the party, and it brings with it a unique and stylish design!

This intriguing device is Mobile Island, a modular wireless charger with added functionality and a toned-down design. At the heart of the product is Ground; the neat wireless charger that carries a simplistic aesthetic with minimal detailing. From this, further wireless chargers can be added as they snap together using magnets that are housed within the sides, allowing more devices can be charged simultaneously.

While wireless charges go someway into tidying up the desk space, there is still room to make the workspace a neater environment, and this is where the third module comes in, ‘Garden’; it is a three-quarter-circle shaped tray that satisfyingly attaches to ‘Ground’ and gives the user a space to store small belongings and stationary. This type of modularity gives lends its self to a plethora of possible additions in the future!

Designers: Jang Won, Acho Kim, Daegwan Kim, Soyoung Ko & Jaewan Choi