This Titanium Multitool Ruler Pen is the ultimate all-in-one desktop stationery item

With a built-in pen, scale, caliper, protractor, and screwdriver, the Vortex Multitool Ruler Pen is like the Swiss Army Knife of stationery objects. The built-in LAMY refill makes it perfect for immortalizing your ideas, and the Vortex’s ultra-durable Grade-5 titanium construction ensures that your stationery is just as immortal as your ideas.

It doesn’t really take much to activate the stationery hoarder in me, but the Vortex Multitool Ruler Pen definitely goes above and beyond with how it compresses an entire stationery kit and toolkit into something as slim as what you’re looking at. CNC-machined out of titanium, with strategically placed magnets and space for hiding either a LAMY M22 refill or two screwdriver bits, the Vortex covers most of your basic stationery and multitool needs. Split into two parts, the Vortex serves as a ruler/scale that’s perfect for measuring, drawing lines, and even cutting against, along with a pen that lets you sketch ideas, make notes, or doodle away for inspiration. Built-in magnets help the ruler open out to an 8-inch measuring instrument, while also functioning as a sliding caliper set or even a protractor… and when you’re in a bit of a fix, the Vortex also lets you dock screwdriver bits into its titanium body, becoming a high-torque screwdriver.

Designer: MeTool

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The Vortex Multitool Ruler Pen has a design that feels simultaneously fresh yet intuitive. A similar product hasn’t quite existed before, yet somehow using the Vortex doesn’t require a learning curve. Spend a couple of minutes interacting with and you’ll quickly pick up its features and begin using it like an expert in no time. The multitool pen comes as a single hexagonal entity that splits apart into two to reveal powerful rare-earth magnets on the inside, along with a machined cavity that’s perfectly sized to dock either a LAMY M22 refill, or a pair of 1/4″ and 1/6″ screwdriver bits. The Vortex ships with a LAMY refill included, although you could swap it out for standard screwdriver bits from your own toolkit.

The hexagonal design and built-in refill make for a wonderful writing experience, thanks to a hefty titanium body with a weighted design that feels great to the touch. Slide the two shafts of the pen apart and you’ll find a LAMY M22 refill on the inside. Flip the refill outwards before sliding the titanium shafts back into place and you’ve got yourself a writing instrument that’s just perfect for notes as well as sketches. Use the refill independently as a writing instrument, and the ‘hollow shell’ of the Vortex transforms into a scale. Strategically placed rare-earth magnets let the two shafts flip open into a scale that’s a precise 8.66 inches (220 millimeters) long. Metric and imperial markings on the Vortex’s body make it easy to measure, and the magnets also give the Vortex the ability to function as a protractor or even a vernier caliper that measures objects to the nearest millimeter.

Magnets let you use the Vortex in Protractor Mode

A Vernier Caliper mode lets you measure objects much more intuitively

The inner compartment that houses the LAMY refill is also perfectly machined to dock a 1/4″ and 1/6″ hex bit of your choice. If you’re less of a writing kind and more of an EDC enthusiast, this arrangement makes more sense. To use the Vortex as a screwdriver, simply dock the hex bits in their respective hexagonal holes machined into the ends of the Vortex’s body and you’ve now got a nifty high-torque screwdriver that’s perfect for DIY projects as well as for opening and repairing objects around the house.

Each Vortex Multitool Ruler Pen comes CNC-machined out of Grade-5 Titanium (with a sandblasted texture), making it the perfect hybrid between stationery and durable, long-lasting EDC. The hexagonal shape of the multitool pen is reminiscent of the iconic pencil, and also makes using, maneuvering, and lifting the tool off flat surfaces rather easy (unlike flat rulers/scales that are notoriously difficult to pick up). The built-in magnets are reliably powerful, and give the Vortex its unique versatility while also providing a rather enjoyable fidget ability that should keep your hands entertained as you brainstorm your next biggest idea!

The Vortex Multitool Ruler Pen comes with a LAMY refill included, and boasts a discounted price tag of $69 with free global shipping. For an extra $10, you can also grab yourself a leather carrying pouch for your Vortex, and an additional $15 gives you access to blue or purple anodized finishes.

You can even use a cutter against the Vortex’s titanium edges.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $99 (30% Off) Hurry! Only 8 days left!