Designers, this is how you make a backpack refreshingly different and beautiful

I write a lot about bags. It’s the nature of my job. It’s also the nature of my job to find the best in each bag and highlight it, making sure the reader who’s looking for that exact feature finds a bag that they’ll end up owning and loving. Every now and then I come across a bag with a nice feature. It’s either anti-theft, or it’s modular, or trackable, or just darn stylish, but the Wings bag by Wool & Oak is different.

Around 15 seconds into the video above, I knew I was looking at something simply different. The guys behind the Wings bag stumbled upon a model that just clicks. The bag’s a cross between a backpack and a duffle, and that makes it ambidextrous. This means the bag can easily be accessed by you from either side without you needing to take your backpack off just to unzip and access your belongings. Slide it off one arm and the backpack becomes almost like a duffle or a handbag, allowing you to access your belongings through zips on either side. The bag also has a vertical flap like traditional bags, letting you access your belongings the old-fashioned way too. This layout gives the Wings bag its appeal and also its name (because the bag’s side flaps open to form wings)

The Wings backpack comes with an incredibly lightweight design (it weighs less than a kilo) and sports an Italian leather construction all around, with a breathable fabric at the back that lets your skin breathe as you carry the bag around the city with you. The bag’s lined on the insides with a water-resistant and stain-resistant PU coated fabric and is spacious enough to carry all your gear, including but not limited to photography equipment. In fact it’s actually perfect for photography equipment, given how the side-access zips make it so easy to whip out your camera while on the go. The bag also comes with magnetic side pockets and a secret front pocket for your necessary belongings, and if all of that wasn’t enough, it also flattens out to make it easy to store and carry around with you.

Wool & Oak’s Wings backpack is refreshingly different just for the way it’s designed to be used. I’ve owned backpacks for decades now and each one has the same problem. You want a pen, you need to take the bag off your back, open the zip or the flap, and dig your head in as you search for a pen. The Wings backpack’s UX is much more elegant. Designed to be a backpack that can be used as a duffle when you need to instantly access your belongings, the Wings alters the unquestioned, virtually canonical blueprint of bag design… for the better.

Designers: Gizem Mut-Webster & Johnathan Webster of Wool & Oak

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Wings is ‘The World’s First Technical Leather Backpack’ with 12-in-1 versatility: Providing the functionality of a technical outdoor backpack and the premium style of a classic leather backpack. The bag can easily be accessed by you from either side without you needing to take your backpack off just to unzip and access your belongings.

Sling the bag to the side, open and access the contents.

Securely carry your drinks and other things, in the side-pockets that hold together magnetically.

Go from work to play!

Features of The Wings Bag:

Wings is the only everyday bag you need: It is super light, weighing only 0.9kg (that’s less than 2lbs and considered the lightest leather backpack in the market), versatile, accessible, and super comfortable.

The Wings features two full zip side panels, which allow you to access any of your items within seconds. It has 2 external magnetic pockets and 1 zippered front pocket that can safely hold your water bottle or phone and wallet. Inside, there are 4 dedicated pockets for meticulous organization.

The 20l capacity can generously hold an extra sweater, pair of sneaker or whatever you fancy throughout your day. The Climate Control Mesh on the back panel lets your back breath for those extra long days. The 3D Nylon Weave shoulder straps add comfort.

Colors Options:

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