NASA-themed Apple Watch bands add a wonderful space-geek touch to your smartwatch

A health-monitoring watch that looks inwards now also acts as a symbol of looking outwards…

With seven different NASA-approved designs to choose from (along with 20+ watch faces to match), MobyFox’s Apple Watch straps are far cooler than any Nike or Hermes strap you could ever buy. The straps, made from sweat and UV-resistant silicone, feature a variety of graphical elements surrounding NASA’s rebranding over the ages, including the iconic meatball and worm logo styles. The strap-loop also has the year 1953 printed on it, marking the day NASA was first founded.

Designer: MobyFox

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The collection of straps is designed to work with every single Apple Watch model, all the way down to the Series 1 to even the SE and the Ultra. Choose your watch model during checkout and the strap ships with 2 sets of connectors to accommodate both 38/40/41mm and 42/44/45 mm case sizes as well as Samsung and other smartwatches with a 22mm pin.

To access the 20+ watch face designs, all you have to do is download the MobyFace app onto your iPhone (the app is currently limited to just iOS) and scan the QR code inside the box that the strap shipped in. Scanning the code instantly adds a perfect space-inspired touch to your Apple Watch display, letting you choose between photos of famous astronauts, iconic NASA photographs, or a personal favorite, images shot by the James Webb Space Telescope!

The straps, which are cheaper than Apple’s own Watch Straps, make for the perfect accessory for anyone who loves everything space and extra-terrestrial. The various styles range from regular to vibrant and graphical, catering to everyone’s tastes. They’re durable, come with their own cleaning/maintaining instructions (just soap and water does the trick), and have a universal one-size-fits-all design for your wrist.

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