Reduce and heal chronic joint pain with the world’s first wearable ‘pain-killer’

Ever wondered how a pain-killer knows where the pain is? The truth is, it doesn’t. A pain-killer simply latches onto pain receptors all across your body, preventing them from reaching your brain. A pain-killer doesn’t know where the pain is – it just treats a symptom, but doesn’t really cure you. The Kineon MOVE+ actually decreases the pain by going to its source and healing it. Designed to be a health-wearable that actually improves your health, the MOVE+ is a portable light-therapy device that straps to your body and can reduce inflammation, heal tissues, relieve chronic pain, and accelerate recovery simply by using the power of red light. “While exercise is good for our health, it can be hard on our bodies,” say the folks at Kineon. The MOVE+ acts as a safe and effective recovery device, providing a healthier alternative to painkillers, icing, and muscle-relief sprays that rely on chemicals or surface-level treatment by being non-invasive and by actually curing the cause of the pain instead of numbing it.

Designer: Kineon Design Labs

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The benefits of light therapy (or phototherapy) have been known for over a century now, with the use of infrared lamps to help the body circulate oxygen-rich blood to boost healing. The only persisting problem with this approach has been the fact that it isn’t the most accessible. Infrared lamps and other equipment are highly specialized and can mostly be found in hospitals or elite performance clinics. The equipment isn’t portable either, making light therapy less convenient than, say, popping a pill because of joint pain, or spraying muscle spray on your joints after a tough workout. The beauty of the MOVE+ is that it’s incredibly portable, with a surprisingly sleek design that can be carried around discreetly, and can easily be strapped to or draped upon any part of your body to help treat pain.

Portable Design – Find fast relief whenever and wherever you feel pain and inflammation.

Dual Light Technology – Deeper penetration and faster results to joints, muscles, and other tissue through our exclusive dual-light technology.

Sniper Like Accuracy – Design allows for pin-point accuracy on problem areas for fast and effective relief.

The MOVE+ device uses two forms of light therapy (LED + Laser) to target surface-level aches and even deep-seated chronic pain. The visible red light discharged by the LEDs covers a vast surface of your skin, prompting collagen production, enhancing blood circulation, and diminishing inflammation. Conversely, the Laser light operates differently by permeating up to 6mm beneath the skin’s surface to focus on deep-rooted chronic pain, such as osteoarthritis or cartilage damage, with precise accuracy to hasten the regeneration of damaged cells. The wearable includes three modules that can be connected together and strapped around your knees, shoulder, elbows, neck, thigh, stomach, or any other part of your body experiencing pain. The devices can be used independently too, or draped over parts of your body that aren’t strap-friendly.

Sitting at the bleeding edge of modern science and technology, the MOVE+ remains incredibly easy to use and convenient to carry around. What’s more, the Move+ is completely safe to use as a personal therapy/recovery wearable without needing to consult a medical professional. Just put it on and use it at the recommended dosage cycle for your condition or injury. Say goodbye to ice bags, heat packs, burning balms, and those painkiller pills!

Click Here to Buy Now: $402 $499 (20% off with coupon code “Yanko Design”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours.