Someone invented this travel-safe decanter to carry your spirits with you on holidays!

I’m assuming there’s a big enough niche for people who like carrying their preferred poison with them wherever they go. I won’t lie, I’ve tried carrying bottles around on flights and they’re an intensely stressful experience. Thankfully I’ve never been the recipient of shoddy cargo-handling and my bottles have always come out intact, but that luck doesn’t extend to everyone. If a bottle is breakable, chances are it will break, so it’s best you be prepared with a product like the Travel Decanter, a glass decanter housed in a secure, double-walled low-tolerance stainless steel casing, designed specifically to withstand the physical toll of traveling.

The Travel Decanter was built for two things. Travel, and taste-preservation. A specially-crafted hand-blown decanter holds 500ml of whatever you pour into it, be it a special spirit, or a cocktail of choice. Unlike metal or polymer-based containers, the glass decanter doesn’t alter the taste of the drink within. The result is a truly well-preserved libation that doesn’t have any plastic-y taste or metallic notes. A wide neck on the decanter allows you to easily pour drinks into it, and even add a few ice-cubes of your own, while a stainless steel stopper with a silicone seal ensures your liquids are preserved in a spill-proof, air-tight environment. The decanter then slides into a double-walled stainless steel outer casing that keeps your drink chilled as well as protected from accidental bumps and spills courtesy the butter-fingers that handle our luggage at the airport. The stainless-steel casing screws together to stay securely shut, and opens at the middle to transform into two tumblers to drink from. In fact, there’s even 2oz indicator inside the glass so you know how much to pour, and a subtle design at the base of each tumbler around the rim, for easy gripping. When assembled, the Travel Decanter measures a mere 8.5 inches in height and 3.5 inches in width, slipping easily into suitcases, or even in the bottle-pouch of backpacks.

Calling the Travel Decanter a thermos or a flask would be like calling an iPad a computer. You’d be right in a strictly literal sense, but you’d also lose a lot in translation, because in many ways, the Travel Decanter is a very new category. Its job is preservation no doubt, but for a specific liquid and a scenario that surely demands a product (I don’t have statistics on how many bottles of alcohol break inside suitcases but I imagine it’s enough to be a headache). Ultimately the Travel Decanter helps you carry your favorite spirits with you, especially on business trips where you’d much rather sip on your own alcohol than rely on those incredibly expensive hotel room minibars, or on road-trips and picnics outside the city.

Designer: Kegan McDaniel

Click Here to Buy Now: $44 $60 (26% off).

The Travel Decanter: Preserve Your Whiskey, Cocktails, and Wine

A 500 ml hand blown decanter, encased in 2 stainless steel double wall tumblers – designed to preserve your spirits during travel.

The Travel Decanter Drop Test

The double-wall stainless steel shell not only insulates remarkably, it provides impact and shock resistance. Above is a real-life video dropping the Travel Decanter directly onto concrete. It demonstrates the durability, and protection it provides to the borosilicate glass decanter.

Click Here to Buy Now: $44 $60 (26% off).