These KODAK travel cases let you have memorable ‘Kodak Moments’ by exploring the world

Who knew that Kodak’s visual language would translate so wonderfully onto luggage design?! The bulbous forms are reminiscent of Kodak’s M35 and disposable FunSaver camera designs, and I can’t begin to tell you how MUCH I love that bold splash of yellow. You’d see that bag on the airport luggage belt from a mile away!

Designer: Hypt Design & Andy Kim

Designed as a set of three bags ranging from a small carry-on to a medium cabin/check-in case and a large check-in case, the Kodak luggage is a clever reinterpretation of the ‘Kodak Moment’ – the company’s famous slogan. Instead of photographs, however, the luggage focuses on travel, helping you create memorable experiences that are worthy of photographs. In doing so, Kodak still manages to be an integral part of the memory-making experience, but in an absolutely new way.

The three cases cover a wide range of travel needs and can be bought either individually or as a comprehensive traveling kit. The smallest is a perfect hard-case replacement for your laptop bag, letting you carry just the essentials and tech accessories (and probably your toiletries too), while the medium and large cases are ideal for clothes, footwear, food, and everything else you need on your holidays. All three bags come with hard-shell exteriors, with the Kodak logo embossed onto them through the vacuum-forming process. The medium and large cases have a smaller red Kodak logo on the top right corner too.

“The project was carried out with two goals: utilization of Kodak brand assets and satisfaction of the essence of luggage products,” says Hypt Design. Kodak is currently expanding to apparel and developing various brands with a strong focus on the ‘moment’, a key part of the Kodak experience from its camera-making days. “Therefore, the design story was set as a trip for the moment you want to leave behind,” Hypt Design adds.

The iconic Kodak logo inlaid into the bag as visual branding.

TSA-friendly combination lock

Caster wheels with the Kodak logo too

The bags are a combination of being flashy and functional, something that one could argue it has in common with Kodak’s cameras from its heyday too. Available in 5 colors, they’re distinctly different from other travel cases we’ve seen just given their color palette. There’s little you can do to deviate from the cuboidal nature of the bags, given that they need to have rectangular empty spaces, but the vibrant yellow and red variants make for a lasting impact, while the cream, olive, and black are a little more understated, for the kind of traveler who wants to make experiences and have Kodak moments without drawing attention!

A look at all the Kodak Luggage color variants