This smart coop for raising chickens is backyard farming made fun and easy

As easy as it might sound, farming on a consistent basis is a herculean task. While you might think of starting a small farm in your backyard in line with sustainable living, the perils that come are quite overpowering. But then, having fresh homebred eggs are way healthier than the ones at the superstore.

To get out of this catch-22 situation, a smart coop is here to the rescue. Not only does it make breeding chickens far easier than it conventionally is, but also looks better organized.

Designer: COOP and Bould Design

Working in close quarters with Bould Design, the smart coop by the Austin-based start-up simplifies every task related to chicken raising a breeze. Of course, modern technology is used appropriately for tasks such as cleaning, safeguarding and monitoring. The latter is achieved with an inbuilt IoT camera that keeps a tab on chickens’ health remotely, even when you are on the other side of the globe. The front door can be scheduled to open and close as per the preferences and chickens’ habits.

At a time, the coop can accommodate six chickens, enough for a small family to be self-sustained if they value minimalism. Somewhat inspired by a smart pet house design, the weather-resistant coop is quite durable enough to take on the elements. The freshly laid eggs are collected in a secure hatch without any disturbance to the occupants, and cleaning is made easy courtesy of a swappable compostable litter tray. The coop is elevated high above the ground to provide safety from uninvited rodents or other predators. The chicken can enter their cozy home via the ladder, making for a cute overall appeal.

Aesthetics and appeal are in no way ignored here as the front door, roosting boxes and feeder have a contrasting coral hue. This goes with the charcoal front and back facades to make this smart coop good to look at. Most of all, the smart coop makes “raising chickens easy and engaging.” For an early bird price tag of $100, this sounds like a worthy investment for backyard farming enthusiasts.