This modern furniture holds a full-length mirror and hides a storage shelf!

Small space-friendly furniture has become my most pinned-to board on Pinterest. Maybe it is all that time I am spending at home that is making me turn into a furniture enthusiast and I love when a piece is multifunctional while occupying minimal space – that is the peak of furniture design for me. Orte is an addition to that list, it is an open shelf that combined with a full-length mirror in a vibrant pill form.

In urban homes, one often has to compromise on the kind of furniture they would like because there isn’t enough space to have a separate piece for each function – in this case, Orte saves the space you would need for a full shelf and a mirror by blending them into one. Its limestone base supports a rotating wooden frame with the mirror on one side and six hidden shelves on the other. The pop of red brightens up the corner where the furniture will be and stretched oblong shape makes it easy to fit in any corner. It can be used as a dresser, a bookshelf, or the stuff you need to grab quickly without it being on display always.

Orte is designed using high-quality limestone from the Bauxite lake near the bay dell’ Orte in Puglia in Italy and is 180 x 40 x 28 inches in dimensions. Limestone and colored wood complement each other and make it stand out. Having lived in Manhattan, I can confirm that it is rare you get a full-length mirror in your home and you can always get a stand-alone one but it will take up a corner that can obviously be used by something that gives you more storage (another city problem) – so Orte hits two birds with one ‘limestone’.

Designer: Alessio Romano

Orte loop