Beetle Biomimicry


Water Factory imitates the catchment method used by the Namib desert beetle. The transparent plastic film in the upper part of the water factory has two different types of hydrophilic textures on its surface to increase the contact area between the air and the film. With the combination of two types of textures and air convection generated by a solar fan, moisture in the air condenses into drops at the convex hydrophilic endpoint and is finally gathered in the inner and outer walls of water collectors through hydrophobic groove. Water Factory not only gathers rainwater and provides drinkable water through the filter device in the middle; it can also gather the water evaporating from the beneath the desert sand by making use of the transparent plastic film in its lower section. Water Factory has a foldable structure. The two water-gathering devices (upper and lower) are composed of highly elastic metal wire and transparent plastic film. Unfold the upper and lower parts and bury the lower half to use.

Designer: Luxun Academy of Fine Arts