The McLaren P1 supercar designer created the world’s safest baby car seat with carbon fiber and 14 impact sensors

For parents and guardians traveling in cars with babies and young kids, they would of course want the best and the safest baby car seats for their charges. While there are a lot of options in the market, apparently, safety regulations have not been updated since the year 2000. That doesn’t mean designers and manufacturers haven’t been keeping up to date with all the newest technology to make these car seats safer and now we will be getting what is probably the safest and most technologically advanced product in the market.

Designer: Frank Stephenson

You would probably trust a designer who has worked on some pretty innovative things in the automotive industry. Designer Frank Stephenson, who has created cars like the McLaren P1, Ferrari F430, and Maserati MC12 among others, has come up with BabyArk. They are saying that this is the world’s safest and most innovative baby car seat as it is made of materials used by defense contractors and also uses advanced technology to make sure that the seat itself and the babies using it will be safe while traveling.

The frame of the BabyArk is made from carbon fiber and the base has energy-absorbing steel coils. The material will be able to slow down the forward momentum in case the car suddenly breaks or gets into an accident. Meanwhile, the headrest uses anti-shock polymer D30 while the side-impact protection that the seat provides is based on the woodpecker’s plate-like hyoid bones. In the testing process, the prototype went through more than 200 crash tests to make sure it is indeed safe and sturdy. The seat will be able to fit in kids up to 49 inches and between 4 and 65 pounds.

Another thing that makes this baby car seat unique is that it uses advanced technology alongside the “cutting-edge” materials. There are 14 sensors that can measure things like accelerometers and gyroscopes. It also tells you if the seat is not properly installed through the smartphone app. The BabyArk will be available by the end of May but you can already pre-order it for $990, a price that will probably be worth it if it keeps the babies and kids safe.