Revolutionary Three-Wheel Electric Trike is like a Car with Joysticks and Pedal-Powered Battery

The world of mobility is evolving rapidly. After electric cars and e-bikes, make way for Twike: an electric bike designed like a car and driven using joysticks, reminiscent of old arcade games. This is not fiction but a continuous endeavor by automaker TWIKE GmbH to create a human-powered hybrid vehicle aimed at providing a sustainable mode of transportation. The German manufacturer of battery-powered electric vehicles is introducing a drivable model of the electric car-bike, the Twike 5.

The Twike 5 is a pedal hybrid vehicle designed for those who pursue conscious consumption and a sustainable lifestyle. It is a three-wheel trike, with one wheel in the front and two at the back, combining an electric motor with a pedal drive. This two-seat trike weighs 600 kilograms and can reach top speeds of up to 190 kilometers per hour.

Designer: TWIKE GmbH

Range is a significant concern with electric vehicles. The Twike 5 can travel up to 500 kilometers on a single charge. The range can be extended by pedaling, which powers the battery and decreases its consumption. The pilot (as the company refers to the rider) can use two joysticks to turn left or right: pushing the right joystick forward turns right, and pushing the left joystick forward turns left. Leaving the joysticks untouched steers the Twike 5 straight. Buttons on top of the joysticks allow the pilot to control the lights, horn, wipers, and direction signals, among other functions.

As mentioned, this velomobile-style electric trike does not have a steering wheel, instead, there is a pair of joysticks on the side of the pilot to steer the vehicle in drive mode. The rider can shift to pedals in order to save power and simultaneously charge the battery, which is now 15 times better than the TWIKE’s previous variant of the e-trike. The Twike 3 like the Twike 5 accommodated two people and had similar interior configuration, but lacked the top speed, which was limited to just 85 km/h.

A few notches up from its sibling, the Twike 5, is in the testing phase for now. The Twike community – comprising people who actually want to drive it – has been testing “to see how it handles and how well everything works together.” The feedback is being used to perfect the Twike 5’s interior, exterior, and the overall riding experience. Twike 5, according to the users is a stable three-wheel electric vehicle, safe to make sharp turns, and even to drive on bumpy roads. It is likely to go into production this year, but the construction will be limited to 500 units. Since it will be delivered to community members – who have contributed toward its development – in a specially devised ranking system, you can try your luck by pre-ordering one right now!