This tiny electric drill pen is the ultimate compact workshop accessory for designers and DIY-ers

It’s natural for technology to get smaller, more powerful, and more affordable. A computer occupied the size of an entire room 50 years ago. Now it fits in the palm of your hand and can literally communicate with satellites. Televisions have gone from heavy, bulky appliances to paper-thin display units too. The SDS Ultra follows a similar trajectory, fitting an entire drill kit in the size of a fountain pen, while still being versatile and affordable… besides, with its Benchtop Press accessory, the SDS Ultra holds the mantle of being the world’s smallest vertical drill machine too!

Designers: Yin Liu, Shi Teng Yuan & Chun Hiu Tseung

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Designed by the folks at Arrowmax, the SDS Ultra follows their existing lineup of award-winning handheld tools, including handheld electric screwdrivers and polishing/engraving tools. It’s safe to say they’ve mastered the art of making otherwise bulky hardware tools portable and handy, with the SDS ULtra quite literally looking and feeling like a pen, but housing a motor on the inside capable of hitting rotational speeds of 600RPM with a torque of 2.3 kgf cm. This means, as compact and lightweight as the SDS Ultra is, it’s easily capable of drilling through regular materials such as wood, acrylic, plastic, and PCBs, as well as tougher materials like aluminum and even everyday coins made from alloys of copper, nickel, and zinc.

The handheld electric drill pen comes with an aluminum outer body that features an OLED display, a button to power the drill and another to cycle through its RPM settings, and four strategically located shadow-less LED lights that help illuminate your drill-zone so that you can clearly see exactly where you’re drilling with no shadows or obstacles. The single-button RPM control button lets you access the SDS Ultra’s four RPM settings, going from 300RPM for tougher materials like aluminum, to 600RPM that works easily on softer plastics and wood. The built-in 500mAh battery gives the SDS Ultra hours worth of usage, allowing you to drill over 500 holes on a single charge.

Users can freely adjust the gap between the drill bit to the bottom plate from 33mm to 83mm.

The SDS Ultra comes along with its army of 10 titanium-coated high-speed steel (HSS) drill bits that go from as small as 0.6mm to 2.2mm in diameter. The titanium-coated-steel helps the bits have a high wear resistance and low friction coefficient, making them effective on hard materials like metals while keeping them sharp and durable for years, and the SDS Ultra’s special drill-fastening design helps you easily and rapidly load and unload drill bits in an effective manner… much faster than how you would on a traditional drill machine.

Precise Multi-angle Adjustment – The holder rotates up to 180° to drill, polish, sand, and more at any angle.

Users can switch the drill angle to +/- 15, 30, 45, 90, or 180 degrees are used for tasks such as polishing metal objects, sanding different shapes, and sanding metal pieces.

Speaking of traditional drill machines, the SDS Ultra even comes with an impressive accessory in the form of the Hedgehog Benchtop Press – a tiny tabletop chassis that turns your handheld drill into a professional vertical drill. Designed for the kind of precise drilling where handheld use would prove to be difficult, the Benchtop Press lets you dock your drill pen into its design, which clamps onto a tabletop surface, giving you a lever-operated vertical drilling machine that allows you to drill holes with utmost precision and accuracy. Made from a high-grade aluminum alloy, the Benchtop Press even comes with a drill-bit holder built into its spine, letting you store and access the 10 drill bits on the fly. It also gets its Hedgehog moniker from the fact that the vertical drill holder can change angles, pointing in any direction (sort of like the spines on a hedgehog). Apart from merely adjusting the height of the drill, the Hedgehog Benchtop Press lets you rotate the drill as much as 180°. “Users can switch the drill angle to +/- 15, 30, 45, 90, or 180 degrees are used for tasks such as polishing metal objects, sanding different shapes, and sanding metal pieces,” says the team at Arrowmax.

Drill Bit Placement – Has dedicated slots for ten drill bits so that you can easily pick and swap the bit you need right then and there.

Its small size, powerful motor, and versatile setup make the SDS Ultra perfect for pretty much all applications. Whether you’re designing prototypes, working on DIY projects, drilling components like PCBs, or just creating art, craft, and jewelry, the SDS Ultra firmly cements its position as being the perfect tool of trade, whether you’re an amateur or a professional. The variable drill bits help cover a wide range of materials, from craft to technical, and that handheld design and single-button RPM control means you can easily operate the SDS Ultra with one hand and minimal amounts of expertise. Don’t forget your safety protocol, protective eyewear, and other gear, though!

Affordability is also built right into the SDS Ultra’s accessible, user-friendly design. The handheld electric drill pen starts at a mere $59, which includes the SDS Ultra itself and the 10 drill bits, packaged together in a slick aluminum case along with a magnetic stand and a Type-C charging cable for the drill pen. For $129, you can get the SDS Ultra bundle along with the Hedgehog Benchtop Press, giving you the complete tabletop kit for your DIY projects. The Hedgehog Benchtop Press also works with Arrowmax’s other offerings, including the SDS MINI/PRO, and the SGS MINI/PRO.

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $220 (41% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $350,000.