These eco-friendly pop-up shelters can be transported in a suitcase

In some of the futuristic tv shows or movies that we watch, we see things that seem small but contain multitudes inside or that are actually big when unpacked. We’ve come to the point though that these are not just sci-fi things but actual, real-life products or at least prototypes. We’ve seen some literal pop-up things that can easily be packed, transported, and then unpacked and constructed, solving some problems we may have when it comes to portability and assembly.

Designer: Maawa

Maawa X is a waterproof and solar-powered pop-up housing solution that can be used for emergency or refugee situations or even for homeless camps that need sturdier housing. While it is still patent-pending, it is a very innovative kind of house that can fit into a suitcase when being transported and can fit 1-2 people when unfolded as it is able to expand to a 3.5 cubed meters house. You don’t even need tools or complicated kinds of assembly lines when putting it up as they say it’s basically like assembling a box.x

The entire house is constructed from cardboard but it is integrated with solar panels so it can protect you from weather conditions (although extreme weather may be too much of course) and give you power as well. It weighs only 13.7 kg so it can be transported through a suitcase to anywhere in the world where it is needed. It is also more eco-friendly than the plastic tents that are used in most settlement camps. The material is recyclable and biodegradable and can be re-used or turned into something else after it has been used.

The Maawa X also has a digital infrastructure so that the organizations can keep track of the units across various sites where they will use it. They are hoping that these eco-friendly shelters will be a solution for millions of people worldwide who may be in need of temporary housing. Hopefully these emergency shelters are sturdy enough to keep the people inside them safe and secure in the short time that they are in need of them.