The ‘Tesla of Ovens’ uses light to cook your food better, easier, and faster than ever

God created light. Brava perfected the art of cooking with it. Meet Brava, an oven that harnesses the power of pure light to cook food to perfection. Unlike radiant heat, which heats the entire oven chamber, light can be precisely delivered to specific zones within the oven chamber, allowing you to cook with precise control and no energy wastage. The Brava Smart Oven takes that a step further. With three dedicated zones on the cooking tray, and lights above and below it to match, Brava can cook three-part meals at three different temperatures at the same time, on the same tray, and in minutes as opposed to hours on a grill or oven. Heating coils on an oven need time to heat up (the pre-heating phase)… but the Brava Smart Oven has no such disadvantage. Its powerful infrared bulbs heat up in seconds, cooking faster, more efficiently, and more intelligently.

Designer: Brava Design

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Pure Light Technology – Brava’s unique lamps are capable of delivering 900˚ of searing power in seconds, and can turn off just as fast with minimal residual heat.

The title of the World’s Most Futuristic Oven isn’t something to be taken ‘light’ly (no pun intended), but it seems Brava may have figured out a faster, more versatile, and more efficient method of cooking foods than using radiant heat or conduction, and a “healthier” (in the public opinion) method than using microwave energy. Its technique, to use an array of six lamps that deliver over 900°F of searing power in seconds by shining hot light onto your food from the top as well as the bottom. Using light as a delivery mechanism for heat is absolutely genius because you can pretty much point the light exactly where you want, instead of heating up an entire oven to a certain temperature – something that famously takes a good 10-20 minutes depending on how powerful your oven is. With the Brava’s light system, that gets reduced down to mere seconds, which has a massive impact on the overall cooking time. The three light zones also help focus the heat into three distinct categories, letting you cook meats and veggies on one tray, but at different temperatures. A one-hour meal with three components gets ready in under 20 minutes… and the best part? You get to monitor the entire process.

True Multi-zone Cooking – Each of Brava’s 3 zones cooks independently, delivering the convenience of a sheet pan meal without compromising on the quality.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, and what makes the Brava so fascinating to use is that your food doesn’t cook in a mysterious hidden void, like your microwave. The smart oven keeps tabs on your food for you, letting you know when it’s ready to take out… but more importantly, it lets you watch your food be cooked too. A camera built into the smart oven gives you a literal window into the oven’s interiors, letting you see your lasagna bake and your meat sear in real time. See something burning? You can catch it before your meal’s a charred mess. See your meat still looking pink? Crank up the temperature for the last couple of minutes to get that amazing seared crust.

The coordinated symphony of light from the top and bottom is an absolutely new kind of cooking method, but where it really outshines (again, no pun intended) other cooking appliances is in its ability to be versatile. The way the lights shine can help mimic different types of cooking styles, from grilling to searing, toasting, slow-cooking, dehydrating, air-frying, rice-cooking, and even reheating or keeping food warm. A small touchscreen display above the oven door helps you navigate all the options that the Brava offers, selecting zones, temperatures, and time periods intuitively without any knobs and buttons. A mobile app gives you access to controls too, along with the camera feed inside the oven, and an entire roster of over 8000 recipes from breakfasts to main courses and desserts, specially curated for the Brava oven.

While the microwave promised speedy cooking, the sous-vide machine promised consistent cooking, and the air fryer promised healthy oil-free cooking, they all had their own caveats. Microwaves don’t cook the way an open flame does, sous-vides are expensive and time-consuming, and the air-fryer just does one thing. The Brava, remarkably, ticks a lot of boxes by being able to fulfill the roles of multiple appliances, while offering faster cooking and even faster clean-up because you’ve got just one tray to wash at the end of your meal. The Brava Smart Oven wears a lot of hats, but the one hat that really makes a difference is the chef’s hat, because, unlike other cooking techniques that constantly require human intervention and monitoring, the Brava Smart Oven does it all for you to the point of perfection, in just a few minutes.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1,095 $1295 (15% off with coupon code “YANKO”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours.