Roller Paper Printer

Roller printers have come a long way since the 80’s but they fell out of favor in the consumer market for being loud and slow. However they’re becoming better alternatives nowadays since the paper is cut custom to your needs. No need to fiddle around with different size papers or loading trays. The Roller Printer fits anything from an A4 to A3 paper. You can print as long as you want. The built in cutter trims the paper at the desired length.

Designer: Jin Woo Han


  • 진우 대단하다! 역시 넌 자랑스러운 한국인이다. 이런 영어 많은 사이트에 이런 그림까지 올릴 정도라니! 이번 주말 이사 잘 하려므나…. 그날 약속이 잇어서…

  • 이강욱 says:

    진우 대단하다! 역시 넌 자랑스러운 한국인이다. 이런 영어 많은 사이트에 이런 그림까지 올릴 정도라니! 이번 주말 이사 잘 하려므나…. 그날 약속이 잇어서…

  • jin woo han says:

    Help me !! help me!! ㅋ
    저거 내가 12시간동안 손으로 그렷어요 형생각하면서
    토요일날 이사 콜 ㅋ

  • jin woo han says:

    Diehard ticket

  • Charles says:

    The Rolloer Printer looks very compact and fantastic. It would be great if it can be manufactured as designed by Jin Woo Han.

  • hally says:

    i love it! when do you think this will be made and by what company? its really brilliant!

  • engineering says:

    thats i have used as far as i remeber 30 to 40 years ago……..i am not telling i have seen the exact one..actually i have seen to use that type to use my dads……..sound intersting? but new model is nice & cool that my das cant imagine….:)

    • jin woo han says:

      Thanks . I am just 26 years i’ve never seen like that ^^. I wonder what shape was.
      I like retro design . That makes me exciting and the motive of my work.

  • bk says:


  • Minjung says:

    다소 진부한 컨셉이지만, 깔끔하네요. 멋집니다.

  • ricky a says:

    makes me want to take a shit…

  • Igor Kolar says:

    I think this is a great product that could fit right into a hole in the product line of many manufacturers, because A3 printers, though no longer very expensive, still have very expensive paper and supplies, whereas the roller models have cheap supplies but are for some reason 4-5 times more expensive. If this could be made affordable enough for a consumer that doesn’t need anything larger than A3 … I would be delighted if someone were to tell me where it will be available =)

  • what’s the difference with my HP plotter?
    isn’t it a just small version of that? ^_^

  • Angelninini says:

    Great idea, with the cutter and all that! You may want to make it portable too 🙂

  • Haven’t tried to use roller printers, but this one looks cool. This is handy and seem a good printer to use.

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