Jumo – Space Saving Lamp by Edouard Larmaraud

I like the idea of a lamp which doesn’t have the same shape when it’s on or off. When it’s off this lamp looks like a little box. And when you open it, the lamp lights up thanks to a contact switch. Compared to the other desk lamps, this one can almost disappear when unused.

Designer: Edouard Larmaraud


  • Ebum says:

    I like the compactability of this lamp but not sure if it would be stable when set up. Does it turn on automatically as it streches?

  • Chlo says:

    This is a wiked design,
    Would it be availiable to purchase?
    How much if it is?

  • rh2 says:

    slick looking product…i like it
    but it claims to be space saving…typically on a work desk the surface area on the desk it self is most prized where as the vertical space above the desk is usually not taken up…
    so this lamp takes up the same amount of surface area on the horizontal plane when its in use or when its not….

    • Henrique Staino says:

      But you have also to consider the visual pollution an unused lamp causes on a desk. Specially if it’s one of those desks that stay in a large room, with other desks and no separation among them.

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