Sneakerheads Will Love This

As the saying goes, shoes make the man… which is why it’s no wonder that we love designing our own kicks! We’ve been able to do this virtually (with limited customization) for some time, but now it’s easier than ever to actually sketch your ideas. The solution is called Quikicks and it makes it possible to sketch shoes like you’re a seasoned designer. Hit the jump to see it in action!

Designer: Subliminal Design

Quikicks Sketching in Action from Austin Scott on Vimeo.


  • Lee says:

    Not a bad approach, but this could be something people do online too, right? Im sure stuff like this exists online.

  • Advisorboard says:

    True. But the main concern is with losing your personal touch. I never recommend the use of stencils or even scales. Freehand may be old-school, but old is gold, am i right?

  • Austin says:

    Quikicks is simply a french curve that is shaped like a shoe. The better of a sketcher you are, the less of the outline you use, and the more you begin to use other features such as the circles, strait edge, and the built in curves. All of these features are specifically designed to complement the shoe style they are part of.

    The campaign is live on kickstarter! Check out our video at

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