This teardrop-shaped electric bike concept feels like a remix of the Bandit9 EVE LUX

If the eZpin concept looks familiar, it’s probably because it’s the ‘soul sibling’ of this aerodynamic custom bike from Bandit9. Designed as a retrofuturistic reinterpretation of that teardrop-shaped 125cc rider, the eZpin has a few new things to showcase, including an electric powertrain, along with a combination of a retro-inspired body featuring riveted sheet-metal panels, and a rather ultramodern set of hubless wheels.

Designer: Mikhail Smolyanov

The eZpin’s shape came to Smolyanov in a rather strange dream, prompting him to put his idea onto paper and actually CAD model it out to see what it would look like in 3D. The bike’s most distinct detail remains its hyper-aerodynamic form, which is literally shaped like a bullet or teardrop to help absolutely reduce any sort of wind-resistance or drag. The bike’s form takes its inspiration from old aircrafts, with their sheet-metal exteriors, bent into shape and then riveted together. The rivets on the eZpin give the bike its retro appeal, while the rest of the aesthetic feels undoubtedly modern.

A big difference between Smolyanov’s concept and the Bandit9 EVE LUX is the electric powertrain built into the eZpin. The bike’s main body remains relatively hollow (especially around the ‘fuel tank’ area), while the mass between the wheels houses the battery and the motor, which connects directly to the rear wheel. The hubless wheels give the bike its futuristic touch too, although I don’t know how I feel about that branding plate hovering in the negative space of the rear wheel.

The rest of the bike is an aesthetic melange of details, from those batmobile-inspired taillights to the dual headlight design on the front that feels rather cafe racer-ish. The seat on the bike cuts right into the teardrop, creating a depression that’s comfortable to sit in, ensuring that you don’t slide off at high speeds. Plus those upward-tilted handlebars do look incredibly dope, along with those gorgeous end-fitting brakes!