The EVE LUX’s “silver-surfer aesthetic” makes it a class-apart motorbike!

A combination of aerodynamics and futurism, with an overwhelming amount of chrome-finishing, the EVE LUX by Bandit9 is a bike that’s better enjoyed as a spectator than as a rider. Probably one of the most visually memorable bikes of the decade, especially when viewed from the side, the EVE LUX was designed exclusively for Hong Kong-based luxury house, Lane Crawford. Channeling a futuristic, feminine energy with its elegant sideways-teardrop design that seamlessly goes from tank to tail, the bike comes with a 125cc 4-speed semi-automatic engine with a top speed of 68mph (110km/h). Its details include aluminum rims, LED headlights, custom front forks, hand-made aluminum levers and foot-pegs, a custom speedometer, and a gorgeous teardrop leather saddle which sits squarely on the show-stealing stainless-steel unibody tank with its remarkable super-glossy black and chrome finish, split by a golden pinstripe that is sure to catch eyes and drop jaws!

Designer: Bandit9