The Agressivo is the SUV you wish Lamborghini made

Designed for the year 2022, when Lamborghini realizes that the Urus needs an overhaul either because it’s selling like hot cakes, or not selling at all, the Agressivo (a concept SUV by Fernando Pastre Fertonani) is, quite simply put, more tastefully Lamborghini-esque. You see, the Urus was a major deviation for Lamborghini, which usually makes cars that aren’t dictated by commercial needs, but rather by a need for speed. Urus, even aesthetically, stuck to the Lamborghini as much as it could, but tried to look less aggressive and more road-friendly. The Agressivo SUV does the opposite.

You see, an aggressive demeanor doesn’t necessarily make a car look less street-legal or commercial. Agressivo’s demeanor is more in line with Lamborghini’s sportscars, but it comes in the format of an SUV, with wide tires, higher road clearance, and strangely enough, just two doors. The headlights have the same menacing glare that’s expected of Lamborghini’s automobiles, while the edge-lit taillight comes with the signature sideways ‘Y’ shape that’s also become a strong part of Lamborghini’s contemporary DNA. An absence of a grille on the front suggests the Agressivo could be Lamborghini’s first electric SUV, and its second electric automobile after the Terzo Millennio concept!

Designer: Fernando Pastre Fertonani