This hidden Taillight Drawer gives you secret storage in your pickup truck

A much better alternative to leaving things on your dashboard or in your glove box…

Designed by Swiss-based Black Sheep Innovations, these hidden taillight drawers are absolute genius, going to show that no idea is TOO ridiculous, and no space too small to be used as storage. The Rear Light Drawers cleverly sit in a hidden area right behind your taillight. When closed shut, there’s absolutely no way of knowing that there’s anything behind there, but open the taillight and a long drawer comes cascading out, with enough linear storage for an entire minibar, camping/hunting gear, or even for objects you’d ideally like to stash away from the public eye. Even with the drawer hiding behind it, the taillight still remains entirely functional, giving you an extra bit of secret storage space with quite literally nothing to lose!

Designer: Black Sheep Innovations GmbH

Given the intricate nature of this custom modification, Black Sheep Innovations is limiting it to just two models – the Volkswagen Amarok and the Toyota Hilux, with more models yet to be added in the future. The storage itself can be customized based on request, allowing you to create a space that’s perfect for what you have in mind, be it a minibar, a toolkit, or a hideaway spot for important documents and valuables.

The hidden drawers remain easily accessible and don’t affect your car’s functionality in any way. The taillight housing can be unhooked by pressing a secret button, causing the hidden drawer to slide out as much as you want. Depending on the design, you can either have the taillight fold downwards to reveal the drawer or have it permanently attached to the drawer and extend outwards when pulled.

The mods don’t come cheap. Each kit is built to order, costing as high as 3392 Swiss Francs, or $3635 of your finest American dollars. You’ll still have to assemble it on your own, though.