Seating – Shaken, Not Stirred

This modern design, inspired by the classic shape of the martini glass, brings hard and soft elements together to create comfortable and flexible seating. Screwless and glueless, the only components of the Martini Chair are it’s plywood seat, back, and base, and binding elastic string held firm by metal locks. All it’s missing is the perfect garnish. You.

Designer: Zoran Svraka


  • jj- says:

    the strings don't resemble a martini glass at all…i mean, a shoe-inspired design maybe, but those suspensions completely take away from the slickness of the unfolding shape.

  • Blank says:

    Interesting and abstract aesthetic. But does not look very comfortable. I would almost be scared to sit in one of these.

  • Mike Barnard says:

    I think the rubber strings seem unnecessary. The molded plywood will provide resiliency. The slot into the base, if engineered well, will provide all of the physical support necessary. The strings on the base are completely irrelevant as there are no forces acting to press the points apart at all.

    Eliminate the strings and you end up with a single material and a more beautiful design. In this case, less is definitely more.

    I'd have the base the same colour as the seat and back as well. The contrasting colours in this case suggest playful / cartoony, which isn't the aesthetic I believe you're intending.


  • xxx says:

    Very interesting chair. Good job! Congrats to designer.

  • dlv says:

    Great, I love it !

    I agree with Mike Bernard commnet, I think the chair could be impruved wih that tips


  • Nizam Ahmed says:

    From that very angle, I get the feeling that it's MyAss Trap. Love the idea though…

  • hcxdd says:

    It is nice to see how creativity has no borders

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