Toyota Hilux camper is the most rugged two-bed, pop-up roof overland rig you’ll ride

Camping enthusiasts understand the power of a four-wheel drive as a capable off-roader. It is not surprising then that they form base of great truck campers capable of handling the beaten roads a little better than the others. But if you don’t like the ordinary, Japan’s Direct Cars has fashioned the most indestructible pickup into an undeniable camper for off-roaders.

The SUV adventure camper BR75, as it is called, is a Toyota Hilux turned into an incredible camper for four people. Owning to the Hilux’s extremely tested mobility and robustness, the BR75 naturally makes for the most rugged truck camper you can drive to places that are out of reach for others.

Designer: Direct Cars

Direct Cars has mounted a camper module to the back of the Hilux, without altering the mechanics or form factor of the five-seat pickup. By combining a full-fledged pickup and a camper, the Japanese SUV Adventure Camper BR75 becomes an all-terrain overland rig to keep you cozy no matter how remote a place your journey takes you to.

A calm interior with a functional micro-living layout is accessed through the back seat of the Hilux. A pass through here leads you into the rear living space laid out with seats and folding table, which can transform into a double bed on demand.

Also accessible through the rear entrance, the living space is attached to a shower room with vanity featuring a foldout table. There is no reference to a toilet onboard. You’d probably have to carry a portable seat along, but there is enough area in the shower room to set it up. This space can even be used as a mud room to clean up equipment before stepping into the living section.

To make room for adults to stand and walk comfortably within the camper, the BR75 comes with an optional pop-up roof. By popping the roof up, you create more headroom, ensure more ventilation, and make space for pull-down double bed. The entire camper is stuffed with ample storage space but you will miss the kitchenette facility here. The flooring is dirt and scratch resistant and the interior is tastefully done in wooden finish.

Equipped with an external power outlet and LEDs inside, powered by onboard 200-Ah lithium-ion battery drawing energy from 200-W rooftop solar panels. There is also a 1,500-W inverter, water pump on the camper. Users can keep tabs on information from all the accessories and switch the equipment on/off from the touchscreen control panel above the entrance door. The Hilux camper is available in Japan in two variants: ¥10,980,000 ($84,000) and ¥12,450,000 (approximately $95,000).