Music Just Got Even More Personal!


Music can be a very personal medium; it can help us express our personalities and individuality. So surely the device that is playing the music should compliment this? That’s exactly what Gabriel Puerto set out to do, and the solution came in the form of the striking RP01 Turntable!

Introducing fabric as one of the primary materials is a unique choice in itself, and in doing so it adds an element of warmth to the design that not only elevates the visual interest, but also enables it to seamlessly blend in with the existing furnishing within the room. However, it’s this fabric top that allows for limitless personalization options! By selecting a pre-set design or uploading their own, the user is able to create the turntable they desire, quickly and efficiently!

RP01 is full of carefully considered details, ranging from the touch capacitive display that has its home on the front façade, through to the adjustable counterweight in the tone arm that allows for the balance to be easily dialed in!

Designer: Gabriel Puerto





“A customizable record player with a fabric top that can be installed to suit your decor or taste. The front face displays what song and album you are currently listening to, and has a capacitive touch interface for volume,” explains Puerto.


“Adjustable counterweight allows you to dial in the balance of the tone arm. Integrated copper tab on needle cartridge allows for easy lifting and setting of the needle”.


“The bottom feet help absorb vibrations and minimize skipping. The touch capacitive interface reduces visual complexity and moving parts, disappearing when not in use”.